Montgomery County (MD) MCFRS Radio Aliases

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Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service (MCFRS) Unit Aliases & Radio IDs

This contains a subset of the total MCFRS radios in the system given the number of IDs that the Uniden XT series scanner can handle in one system. I have included the ones that interest me.

As the units and radios move around the accuracy of this list will slowly degrade. When the accuracy gets to the point that it is annoying me I will update the list.

      • As of June 2011, MCFRS has switched to APX 7000 & 6000 Portables and 6000 Mobiles, so as a result this list is likely out of date.


  • A – Ambulance (BLS EMS Transport Unit)
  • AB – Air Boat
  • ALS – ALS Chase Car
  • AR – Air Unit
  • AT – Tower (Aerial Tower)
  • BC – Battalion Chief
  • DC – Duty Chief
  • E – Engine
  • ECC CAD – Emergency Communication Center CAD dispatch console
  • EMS – EMS Supervisor
  • EW – Engine Tanker
  • HM – Haz Mat
  • HSU – Haz Mat Support Unit
  • K — Car
  • M – Medic (ALS EMS Transport Unit)
  • MAB – Medical Ambulance Bus (20 patient EMS transport unit)
  • MSU – Medical Support Unit (Mass casualty EMS supplies)
  • NCR – National Capital Region Communications Unit
  • RAT – Reserve Aerial Tower
  • RE – Rescue Engine
  • RECON – Urban Search & Rescue Recon Unit
  • RS – Rescue Squad (Heavy Rescue)
  • SOP – Special Operations Chief
  • SU — Support Unit
  • SW — Swift Water
  • T – Truck
  • U – Unit
  • W – Tanker (Water Tender)
  • XTP – Urban Search & Rescue Roll-off Transport Unit


  • D – Driver
  • M – Mobile
  • O – Officer
  • VRS – Vehicular Repeater System (Conventional to Trunked repeater)

Alias 'Radio ID'
A703-D i20617
A703-M i21535
A703-O i21014
A705B-O i20726
A705-O i20759
A708B-D i21593
A708B-M i21474
A708B-O i20690
A708-D i20739
A708-M i21488
A708-O i20426
A709-D i20436
A709-M i14621
A709-M i21489
A709-O i20276
A710-O i20354
A711-M i21446
A711-M i21516
A711-O i20657
A712-M i21511
A712-O i20754
A713-D i20868
A713-M i21481
A713-O i20259
A714-M i21473
A715- M i21463
A715-M i21484
A716-M i21536
A716-O i20510
A717-D i20560
A717-M i21523
A717-O i20912
A719-M i21529
A719-O i20593
A721-M i21491
A721-M i21510
A721-O i20857
A722-D i21585
A722-M i21495
A722-O i20395
A723-D i20457
A723-M i21094
A723-O i20419
A724-M i21485
A724-O i21591
A725B-M i21494
A725B-O i20439
A725-M i21533
A725-O i20519
A726-M i21515
A726-O i20606
A728-D i20702
A728D-D i21592
A728D-O i21567
A728-M i21425
A728-O i20372
A729B-D i20684
A729B-O i21569
A729-D i20453
A729-M i21487
A729-O i20458
A733-D i20893
A733-M i21513
A733-O i20374
A740-M i21475
A740-O i20360
A751-M i21546
A751-O i20952
A753-M i21880
AB710-M i21552
AB730-M i28850
ALS741-M i21170
AR716-M i21195
AR733-D i20876
AR733-M i21977
AR741-M i21186
AT703-D i20602
AT703-M i21123
AT703-O i20714
AT708-D i20430
AT708-M i20245
AT708-O i20698
AT718-M i21172
AT718-O i20370
AT719-M i21234
AT719-O i20699
AT723-D i20540
AT723-M i21165
AT723-O i20369
AT729-D i20209
AT729-M i21332
AT729-O i20277
AT735-D i20249
AT735-M i21144
AT735-O i20301
AT751-M i21465
AT751-O i20961
BC701-A i21022
BC701-B i21027
BC701-C i21024
BC701-M/F i57001
BC701-M/R i57002
BC701-PORTA i20386
BC701-VRS i21973
BC702 i20244
BC702-A i21042
BC702-AIDE i20490
BC702-B i21036
BC702-C i21031
BC702-D i20591
BC702-M i21037
BC702-M3 i20216
BC702-VRS i20220
BC702-VRS i21970
BC703-A i21034
BC703-B i21043
BC703-C i21028
BC703-M i21448
BC703-M 3 i20039
BC703-M1 i20037
BC703-M2 i20038
BC703-VRS i21972
BC704-A i21038
BC704-B i20421
BC704-C i21026
BC704-M i21943
BC704-M i21951
BC704-M i21952
BC704-O i21044
BC704-VRS i21971
BC704x2PORT i20841
BC705-A i21021
BC705-B i21029
BC705-M1 i21436
BC705-M2 i21974
BC705-M3 i21421
BC705-P i21566
BC705-PORTx1 i21033
DC700C-M i20034
DC700C-O i20034
E701-M i21136
E701-O i20704
E702-M i21133
E702-O i20641
E703B-D i21594
E703B-M i21106
E703-D i21599
E703-M i21119
E703-O i20622
E704-M i21151
E704-O i20671
E705B-M i21160
E705B-O i20538
E705-M i21002
E705-O i20919
E706-M i21323
E706-O i20423
E707-M i21980
E707-O i20866
E708-D i20459
E708-M i21214
E708-O i20723
E710-M i21112
E710-O i20478
E711-M i21237
E711-O i21607
E712-M i21108
E712-O i20472
E713B-D i20432
E713B-M i21307
E713B-O i20285
E713C-D i20799
E713C-M i21316
E713C-O i20236
E713-D i20237
E713-M i21174
E713-O i20299
E714B-D i20348
E714B-M i21315
E714B-O i20678
E714-D i20329
E714-M i21142
E714-O i20609
E715B-D i20440
E715B-O i20500
E715-M i21438
E716-M i21135
E716-O i20547
E717B-D i20486
E717B-M i21311
E717B-O i20056
E717-D i20802
E717-M i21180
E717-O i20725
E718-M i21113
E718-O i20441
E719-M i21111
E719-O i21015
E720-M i21392
E720-O i20515
E721-M i21420
E721-O i20611
E722 - M i21309
E722-D i20446
E722-M i21364
E722-O i20522
E723-D i20391
E723-M i21114
E723-M i21975
E723-O i20246
E724-M i21397
E724-O i20577
E725-M i21312
E725-O i20709
E726-M i21346
E726-O i20225
E726-O i20358
E728-D i20708
E728-M i21326
E728-O i20411
E729-D i20827
E729-M i21197
E729-O i20258
E730-M i21116
E730-O i20320
E731-D i20248
E731-M i21117
E731-M i21482
E731-O i21606
E733-D i20847
E733-M i21400
E733-O i20746
E735-D i20221
E735-M i21141
E735-O i20319
E740B-O i20594
E740-M i21470
E740-O i20902
E751-M i21464
E751-O i20956
E752-O i20968
E753-M i21877
E754-O i20944
ECC CAD 91 7A i6313
ECC CAD 92 7B i6614
ECC CAD 93 7A? i6913
ECC CAD 93 7C i7215
ECC CAD 94 7B? i7214
ECC CAD 94 7C? i6915
ECC CAD 94 7G? i6319
EMS702-M i21871
EW717-D i20504
EW717-M i21351
EW717-O i20392
HM728-M i20228
HSU707-M i21177
M701-M i21525
M701-O i20899
M703-D i21619
M703-M i21428
M703-O i20345
M704-M i21490
M704-O i20350
M708B-D i20601
M708B-M i21471
M708B-O i20906
M708-D i20697
M708-M i21461
M708-O i20798
M712-M i21541
M712-O i20578
M713-D i20464
M713-M i21099
M713-O i20226
M714-D i20834
M714-M i21486
M714-O i20324
M715-M i21089
M715-O i20445
M723-D i20651
M723-M i21522
M723-O i20401
M725-M i21544
M725-O i20600
M729-D i20497
M729-M i21477
M729-O i20485
M730-M i21517
M730-O i20812
M731-D i20595
M731-M i21483
M731-O i20229
M735-D i20272
M735-M i21097
M735-O i20211
MAB726-M i20040
MSU726-M i20032
NCR700 i47176
RAT718-M i21144
RAT735-M i21140
RE23-M i21141
RE709B-D i20663
RE709B-M i21306
RE709B-O i20254
RE709-D i20623
RE709-M i21335
RE709-O i21615
RE714-D i20327
RE714-M i21314
RE714-O i20553
RECON731-M i21378
RS703-D i20344
RS703-M i21175
RS703-O i20562
RS704-M i21257
RS704-O i20294
RS715-M i21003
RS715-M i21329
RS715-O i20904
RS717-D i20346
RS717-M i21005
RS717-M i21385
RS717-O i20539
RS729C-M i21730
RS729-D i20675
RS729-M i21248
RS729-O i20340
RS741B-M i21193
RS741B-O i20645
RS741-M i21154
RS741-O i20310
RS742B-M i21185
RS742B-O i20470
RS742-M i21009
RS742-O i20227
SOP700 i25042
T701-M i20270
T701-O i20718
T706-M i20021
T706-O i20496
T710 O i20777
T710-M i21325
T712-M i21012
T712-O i20695
T715-M i21334
T715-O i20558
T725-M i57003
T725-O i20794
T731-D i20566
T731-M i21953
T731-O i20753
T740-M i21344
T740-O i20897
U121 i20288
U28-1 i21041
W704-M i21327
W709-D i20235
W709-M i21407
W714-D i20371
W717-D i20824
W717-M i21320
W722-D i20323
W722-M i21317
W730-M i21246
W731-D i20615
W731-M i21381
XPT731-D i20914
XPT731-M i21380