Montgomery County (TN)

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Montgomery County Sheriff

  • NXDN4800 confirmed

Note: The back up frequency for county EMS uses both DCS and RAN (same code number for both). It somehow switches back and forth between both codes when using the frequency. This was noted after the 2020 Christmas Day Bombing in Nashville that knocked out all county system communications and they had to use the back up frequency until it was fixed.


  • Nationwide interop channels
  • CPD/CFR backup 1: 851.0125 (Code that keyed up briefly: CTCSS: 156.7)
  • CPD/CFR backup 2: 851.5125 (Code that keyed up briefly: CTCSS: 156.7)
  • CPD/CFR backup 3: 852.0125 (no code yet)
  • CPD/CFR backup 4: 852.5125 (no code yet)
  • CPD/CFR backup 5: 853.0125 (no code yet)


Montgomery County Schools

Austin Peay State University (APSU) (Clarksville)

  • Campus Police backup: 460.450 (no code yet)
  • Campus Operations backup: 457.1375 (no code yet)