Montgomery County (TX)

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Public Safety

Radio Usage

  • Med Tac 1: Medical calls, MCHD EMS with Conroe FD
  • MCHD 2: Medical calls with no fire dept response, logistical & non-emergency traffic for MCHD.
  • CFD 2: Primary Conroe fire tac channel, also used for non-emergency traffic between units and dispatch
  • CFD 3: Fire tac channel
  • Fire 3 and fire 4: MCHD EMS medical calls & MVC with fire departments other than Conroe
  • Fire 5: Fire tac (other than Conroe)
  • Fire 2: radio tests, other non-emergency traffic. Used infrequently
  • MCHD EMS and Conroe Fire are dispatched by MCHD "Alarm." The other county fire departments are dispatched by Woodlands Fire Department "Firecom."

Stations, Units, Codes and Pager Tones