Motorola ASTRO Spectra

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Motorola ASTRO Spectra

The ASTRO Spectra is a digital version of the regular analog Spectra. Not all ASTRO spectras are "flashed" for digital. To see what options are installed on a particular radio, visit the Flashcode Decoder. Radio is capable of 255 channels (or modes). Capabilities include 3600 trunking, 9600 trunking, analog or ASTRO digital voice and signaling, MDC signaling, Encryption (analog or digital) with the addition of a secure module, and many more options.

The ASTRO spectra comes in various bands and TX powers.
VHF Range 1 - 136-162 MHz
VHF Range 2 - 146-174 MHz
UHF Range 1 - 406-430 MHz
UHF Range 2? - 438-482 MHz ?
UHF Range 3? - 482-512 MHz ?
800 Band - 806-869 MHz

The motorcycle ASTRO spectras are limited power - around 15 watts. The dash mount radios are usually ~50 watts (or lower on 800 MHz). The remote trunk mount radios are ~110 watts (or lower on 800 MHz). There area also several different "heads" that can me used on the ASTRO Spectra. W3, W5, W7, and W9 - all not compatible with regular analog spectras. The "W" series usually has "ASTRO" printed on the head somewhere.

The ASTRO spectra is being phased out. The XTL series (XTL 1500, 2500, 5000) will take the place of the ASTRO Spectra.