Multnomah County Law Enforcement Unit Numbers

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Most unit numbers on Portland, Gresham, OHSU, Port of Portland police channels are 3 digits for regular patrol, or 4 digits for special assignments. Exceptions to this rule include PSU Police and federal law enforcement units.

  • 1XY Gresham PD
  • 2XY Oregon Health & Science University PD
  • 4XY Port of Portland PD
  • 5XY PPB North
  • 6XY PPB Northeast
  • 7XY PPB Southeast
  • 8XY PPB Central
  • 9XY PPB East
  • Paul X Portland State University PD

For Gresham and Portland, the "X" is the district or beat that unit is normally assigned to, and the "Y" is the shift. Except for PPB Southeast, the shift designators are as follows:

  • 0-3 Day shift
  • 4-6 Afternoon shift
  • 7-9 Night shift

PPB Southeast:

  • 1-3 Day shift
  • 4-6 Afternoon shift
  • 7-0 Night shift

OHSU, PCC, and PSU do not use districts, each officer is assigned an individual unit number.

Special Assignments

  • 1XXX = Traffic
  • 2XXX = Special Detail
  • 3XXX = Sergeants
  • 4XXX = Detectives/Investigators
  • 5XXX = Outside Agencies (School Police, etc.)
  • 6XXX = Outside Agencies (Parole/Probation, etc.)
  • 7XXX = Reserve officers/Explorers
  • 8XXX = Misc. Admin
  • 9XXX = Command officers