Muscogee Regional Communications System Unknown Talkgroups

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Unknown Talkgroups

Please consider programming these talk groups into your scanner and listening to see if you can determine what the talk group is used for. If you are able to make that determination, please submit an update to the database using the "Submit" tab on the database page. Also, please update this page with any notes or possible usage information even if you are not ready to submit an official update to the database.

Note: Mode is A for Analog, D for Digital.

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Talkgroup Mode Notes
16 A
1168 A
1200 A
1648 A
2768 A
2864 A
3120 A
3184 A
3216 A
3408 A
3568 A
3600 A
33872 D
35113 A
35117 A
35166 A
35213 A
35218 A
35219 A
35222 A
35223 A
37520 A

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