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Scanner frequencies for NCAA Big Ten Basketball games

Major sporting events such as NCAA Big Ten basketball games draw thousands of fans to campus for each home game. These games provide great scanning opportunities as there is a wide variety of radio usage related to the games including arena operations, parking, police, fire/ems, towing, shuttle buses, media, etc. This page serves to display the local trunked systems and frequencies where these game related operations occur on one single page.

This page is by no means complete and local listeners are encouraged to add or correct any of the information presented here.

The University of Illinois information is complete but the rest is simply what could be ascertained by viewing the forums, the database, and other scanning websites. Some information is just a suggested list of scanner targets until more accurate radio usage can be determined.

For frequency information regarding the Big Ten Network, see the Big Ten Network wiki page.


Assembly Hall (Website)

  • 464.5250 (100.0 PL) Assembly Hall - Main Operations
  • 463.3500 (DCS506) Assembly Hall - Security
  • As of Fall 2007, U of I PD now exclusively uses the MDICE TRS TG 22503 "INCIDENT 4" for events at the Assembly Hall. They don't use 453.250 (118.8) at all for Assembly Hall details anymore.
Note: Most of the Assembly Hall details during the 2007-2008 season have been on INCIDENT 4 and a few on INCIDENT 1 with no apparent reason why one was used versus the other.

Big Ten Center (Park Ridge-Chicago)

  • WPUP497 464.5000 Mobile (Itinerant Nationwide)
  • WPUP497 467.8500, 467.8750, 467.9000 - Chicago (Cook) and Indianapolis (Indiana)
    • Whether these frequencies are ever used for basketball games is unclear.


Police use the Iowa City Motorola TRS. The University of Iowa is licensed for many 453 MHz frequencies so a quick search through them may find some game related activity.


Michigan State

Breslin Student Events Center '"`UNIQ--freqsubcat-00000000-QINU`"' Athletics Department '"`UNIQ--freqsubcat-00000001-QINU`"'

For public safety, listen to the Ingham County UHF EDACS TRS.

It wouldn't hurt to monitor the Michigan State University 800 MHz Motorola Type II TRS. Special event parking is listed in the Radioreference database as being on 462.600 (162.2), {which interestingly is a GRMS frequency}.


Northwestern University 900 MHz Motorola TRS

001 (1) Simulcast936.425000 936.437500c 936.500000 938.387500 938.400000c 938.412500c

Northwestern University Police is listed as using TG 144 for primary dispatch. Other talkgroups related to the games include TG 336.

Ohio State


001 (1) Ohio State Univ.854.137500 854.237500 854.562500 854.687500 857.062500c 857.537500c 858.462500c 859.762500c

Schottenstein Center Talkgroups:

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
6480  195  SCHT-1  Parking 
6512  197  SCHT-2  Dispatch/guest services 
6544  199  SCHT-3  First Aid 
6576  19b  SCHT-4  Custodians 
6608  19d  SCHT-5  Security 
6640  19f  SCHT-6  Operations 
6672  1a1  SCHT-7  Event Fire/EMS 

Athletics talkgroups:

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
5712  165  ATHL-1  Athletics Dept (game day parking) 
5744  167  ATHL-2  Athletics Dept 
9616  259  OSU Crowd  Athletics Dept (Stadium seating) 

OSU PD Talkgroups:

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
4016  0fb  DPS-1  Police special events / common 
4048  0fd  DPS-2  Police special events / common 
4080  0ff  DPS-3  Police special events / common 
4112  101  P-4  Police - as needed 
4144  103  P-5  Police - as needed 
4176  105  P-6  Police Supervisors 
4208  107  DPS-4  Police special events / common 
4240  109  TP-1  Traffic & Parking 
4272  10b  TP-2  Traffic & Parking 
4304  10d  TP-3  Traffic & Parking 
4336  10f  TP-4  Traffic & Parking 
4656  123  SFP-1  Security/Fire Prevention (patrol) 
4688  125  SFP-2  Security/Fire Prevention (alarms) 
4720  127  SFP-3  Security/Fire Prevention 
4752  129  SFP-4  Security/Fire Prevention 
4784  12b  SSS-1  Student Safety Services (foot patrol) 
5200  145  CCCP-1  Campus Community Crime Patrol 
5360  14f  SSS-2  Student Safety Services (escorts) 
5808  16b  UAPD-1  Upper Arlington PD backup 
5840  16d  UAPD-2  Upper Arlington PD backup 
7344  1cb  SO EVT 1  Sheriff event channel 1 
7376  1cd  SO EVT 2  Sheriff event channel 2 
8016  1f5  CFD-1  Columbus Fire campus events 
8208  201  P-1  Police dispatch 
8240  203  P-2  Police operations 
8272  205  P-3  Police operations 
8720  221  MEDICS  OSU Medics 

Penn State

System Frequencies:

001 (1) Primary854.012500 855.237500 856.262500 856.712500 857.262500c 858.262500c 859.262500c 860.262500c

Bryce Jordan Center Talkgroups

  • 2160 Ch. 1
  • 2192 Ch. 2
  • 2224 Ch. 3 - Seating
  • 2256 Ch. 4 - Admissions
  • 2288 Ch. 5
  • 2320 Ch. 6
  • 2352 Ch. 7

Penn State University PD Talkgroups

  • 1136 University - Police Dispatch (4xxx units)
  • 1008 University - Police Parking Enforcement
  • 688 University - Police Tactical
  • 752 University - Police Traffic Operations
  • 80 University - Police unk (mention Tac)


Events Channel Utilization (Purdue Sporting Events)
EVENT 1 Fire/EMS Detail
EVENT 2 Law Enforcement Details
EVENT 3 Maintenance/Custodial Details, Purdue Grand Prix
EVENT 4 Purdue Staff Details
EVENT 5 Assigned as needed
EVENT 6 Assigned as needed
EVENT 7 Assigned as needed
EVENT 8 Assigned as needed

Several of the Purdue Services talkgroups are utilized to support operations during sporting events.

Tippecanoe County Public Safety 800 MHz Motorola TRS


Public Safety Mutual Aid Talkgroups


Purdue University Police Talkgroups


Purdue University Fire Talkgroups


Purdue University Services Talkgroups




001 (1) Simulcast854.112500 856.062500 858.737500c 858.962500c

University of Wisconsin-Madison talkgroups:


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