NYS Insurance Department Callsigns

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8H01	Superintendent (Albany)
8H02	First Deputy Superintendent (NYC)
8H03	Deputy Superintendent (Albany)
8H04	Special Assistant (Albany)
8H05	Director (NYC)
8H06	Deputy Director (NYC)
8H07	Deputy Director (NYC)
8H08	Chief Investigator (NYC)
8H09	Principle Investigator (Syracuse)

8H10	Oneonta Supervisory Investigator
8H11	Buffalo Supervisory Investigator
8H12	NYC Supervisory Investigator
8H13	Mineola Supervisory Investigator
8H14	NYC Supervisory Investigator
8H15	NYC Supervisory Investigator
8H16	NYC Supervisory Investigator
8H17	NYC Supervisory Investigator
8H18	NYC Supervisory Investigator
8H19	NYC Supervisory Investigator

8H20	NYC Senior Investigator
8H21	Buffalo Senior Investigator
8H22	Oneonta Senior Investigator
8H23	Rochester Senior Investigator
8H24	NYC Senior Investigator
8H25	Albany Senior Investigator
8H26	NYC Senior Investigator
8H27	Mineola Senior Investigator
8H28	Mineola Senior Investigator
8H29	NYC Senior Investigator
8H30	NYC Senior Investigator
8H31	NYC Senior Investigator
8H32	NYC Senior Investigator
8H33	Mineola Senior Investigator
8H34	NYC Senior Investigator

8H35	Albany Investigator
8H36	Buffalo Investigator
8H37	Albany Investigator
8H38	NYC Investigator
8H39	NYC Investigator
8H40	NYC Investigator
8H41	NYC Investigator
8H42	Syracuse Investigator
8H43	Albany Investigator
8H44	NYC Investigator
8H45	Albany Investigator
8H46	Oneonta Investigator
8H47	NYC Investigator
8H48	Syracuse Investigator
8H49	Oneonta Investigator
8H50	Mineola Investigator
8H51	Oneonta Investigator
8H52	Mineola Investigator
8H53	Albany Investigator
8H54	NYC Investigator

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