NYS Thruway Authority (NY)

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Call Sign/Asset Numbering Blocks

Thruway Authority call sign blocks have another layer in the form of Maintenance Sections within each zone. That information can be found on each zone's respective Wiki page.

New York State Police call signs have no relation to car number or unit number--each trooper is assigned a number by the Thruway Authority to use on their channels. For more information see: NYSP Troop T

There are anomalous Thruway units and prefixes that aren't mentioned here. The prefix "8" on Thruway Authority units seems to indicate reserve units, and it's unclear if it's used on air. Letter prefixes for Thruway Authority units is also common for buildings.

Block Use
00 Thruway Authority Headquarters(?)
10 Thruway Authority New York Division
20 Thruway Authority Albany Division
30 Thruway Authority Syracuse Division
40 Thruway Authority Buffalo Division
50 to 90 Thruway Authority Headquarters(?)
100 Thruway Authority New York Division
200 Thruway Authority Albany Division
300 Thruway Authority Syracuse Division
400 Thruway Authority Buffalo Division
600 Department of Transportation Highway Emergency Local Patrol Trucks
710 New York State Police Troop T Zone 1 Supervisors
720 New York State Police Troop T Zone 2 Supervisors
730 New York State Police Troop T Zone 3 Supervisors
740 New York State Police Troop T Zone 4 Supervisors
910 Thruway Authority Bridge Patrol
1000 Thruway Authority New York Division
2000 Thruway Authority Albany Division
3000 Thruway Authority Syracuse Division
4000 Thruway Authority Buffalo Division
7100 New York State Police Troop T Zone 1 Troopers
7200 New York State Police Troop T Zone 2 Troopers
7300 New York State Police Troop T Zone 3 Troopers
7400 New York State Police Troop T Zone 4 Troopers
9100 Thruway Authority Bridge Patrol

Thruway Authority Divisions

NYS Thruway Headquarters - Albany

NYS Thruway Division 1 - New York

Thruway Mainline Exits 1 (Yonkers) through 18 (New Paltz) (I-87/I-287)
Cross Westchester Expressway (I-287)
Garden State Parkway Connector (287)
New England Thruway (I-95)

NYS Thruway Division 2 - Albany

Exits 19 (Kingston) through 29 (Canajoharie)
Berkshire Connector (I-90)

NYS Thruway Division 3 - Syracuse

Exits 29 (Fort Plain) through 45 (Victor)

NYS Thruway Division 4 - Buffalo

Exits 45 (Victor) through 61 (PA State Line)
Niagara Thruway (I-190)

NYS Thruway Contract Tows

Radio Codes

Signal 7 Failure to pay toll
Signal 31 Clear to receive confidential info
Signal 33 Emergency
Signal 55 Location
Code B Call by phone
Red Flash Emergency transmissions only

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