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Napa County (CA)


Napa County Law Enforcement Identifiers


  • Napa PD = 2 Y 12 Adam (2 - Napa PD; Y - Swing Shift; 1 - Beat 1; 2 - Second Unit in Beat; Adam - Two Officer Unit).
  • Napa SO = 5 David 1 (5 - Napa SO; David - Day Shift; 1 - Beat 1).


  • 2- Napa City PD
  • 5- Napa County Sheriff
  • 7- American Canyon PD
  • 9- Napa County Sheriff (Yountville)

Unit Type

B- Boat Unit "Boy"
C- Community Service Officer
D- Sheriff Day Shift "David"
E- Sheriff Swing Shift "Edward"
G- Sheriff Graveyard Shift "George"
K- Canine Unit
L- Individual Officer
M- Motorcycle Unit "Mary"
R- Reserve Deputy
T- Traffic Unit
W- School Patrols "William"
X- Napa PD Day Shift
Y- Napa PD Swing Shift
Z- Napa PD Graveyard Shift

Beat Locations

1- Beat 1 (Napa PD = Downtown)
2- Beat 2 (Napa PD = E of Napa River)
3- Beat 3 (Napa PD = N of Pueblo Ave, E of Hwy 29)
4- Beat 4 (Napa PD = W of Hwy 29)
5- Beat 5
6- Beat 6
7- Beat 7
8- Beat 8
9- Beat 9
10- Napa PD Sergeant
11- Beat 11
12- Napa SO Sergeant
90- Napa PD Roaming

(Note = unknown which beat areas correspond for SO)

Beat Support

1- 1st Additional Officer
2- 2nd Additional Officer
3- 3rd Additional Officer
4- 4th Additional Officer


A- Two-Person Unit "Adam"

Napa State Hospital Unit Designators

Dispatch callsign: "Station 42" or "42"
Paul - Police
Tom - Patient Transports
Fire Dept: E23, E223, U23, a Type 4 brush unit, MED30 (BLS ambulance)
When dispatched off-campus by St. Helena CDF, identified in dispatch as "Napa State Fire".

Official Radio Alpha Tags

Channel names for Sheriff radios. PD calls channels by slightly different names. Sheriff uses "RED S/C" for Red Simulcast, while PD calls it "RED MAIN".

155.430 is labeled "SO PRI", even though it is not used as primary anymore.

Central Dispatch & Control Station Names

Napa Central Dispatch
Napa 1 (or simply Napa)  PD/SO Dispatch
Napa Blue                Dispatch on Blue Channel
Napa 4                   Napa City Fire Dispatch
Napa 10                  Local Government Dispatch
Napa 11                  MedNet
Napa 17                  County Roads
Other Control Stations and Callsign Prefixes
Sta 20    Roads (453.350)
Sta 20M   Building Maintenance (453.450)
Sta 40    Animal Control (local government and law channels)

County Agency Unit ID Prefixes

20 County Roads/Public Works
25 Napa County Sheriff
26 Napa Valley College PD
28 St. Helena PD
29 Calistoga PD
30 City General Services
31 City Communications
32 Napa City PD
33 Napa City Fire
34 City Streets
35 City Water
36 City Parks
40 Animal Control
41 Napa Sanitation District (they have a radio system they do not use)
42 County Communications
44 St. Helena Public Works
47 Corrections

Amateur Radio

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