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Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks Unit ID's

Dispatch ID: "Ash Mountain" Callsign: "KMC735"

Sierra District - Sierra Crest Sub-District
1 Evolution, Le Conte, Simpson
2 Upper Kern, Charlotte Lake, Middle Fork Kings River
3 Kern River
Kings River District - Cedar Grove Sub-District
4 Cedar Grove
Kings River District - Grant Grove Sub-District // Kings Maintenance District
5 Grant Grove, Roaring River
Kaweah District - Giant Forest Sub-District
6 Lodgepole, Giant Forest, Pear Lake, Bearpaw
Kaweah District - Ash Mountain Sub-District // Sequoia Maintenance District
7 Ash Mountain, North Fork, South Fork,
Sierra District - Atwell/Kern Sub-District
8 Mineral King, Atwell Mill, Hockett
9 Administration, Resource Management, Fire Management, etc.

0 Management
1 Protection
2 Resource Management and Research
3 Interpretation
4 Maintenance: Front Country
5 Maintenance: Backcountry
6 Fire Management
7 Not used
8 Administration
9 Communications

0 Supervisor or District Ranger
1 Assistant Supervisor or Sub-District Ranger
2-9 Employees by position within organization.

1-1-0 District Ranger, Sierra District
1-1-1 Ranger, Sierra Crest Sub-District
4-1-1 Ranger, Cedar Grove Sub-District
4-1-15+ Trailheads
4-1-20+ Campgrounds
4-3-31+ Interpretation
4-4-1+ Maintenance Cedar Grove Sub-District
4-6-1+ Fire Management
5-1-0 District Ranger, Kings River District
5-1-1 Ranger, Grant Grove Assistant District Ranger
5-1-20+ Campgrounds
5-3-0+ Interpretation
5-4-0+ Maintenance, Frontcountry, Kings District
5-5-1+ Maintenance, Backcountry, Kings District
5-6-1+ Fire Management
5-8-1+ Heavy Equipment
6-1-0 District Ranger, Kaweah District
6-1-1 Ranger, Giant Forest Sub-District
6-1-15 Trailheads
6-2-20+ Campgrounds
6-3-0+ Interpretation, Sequoia District
6-4-1+ Maintenance, Giant Forest Sub-District
6-6-1+ Fire Management
7-1-1 Ranger, Ash Mountain Sub-District
7-1-2+ Protection, Ash Mountain Sub-District
7-4-0+ Maintenance, Frontcountry, Sequoia District
7-5-1+ Maintenance, Backcountry, Sequoia District
7-6-1+ Fire Management
8-1-1 Ranger, Sierra District, Atwell/Kern Sub-District
8-1-2+ Protection, Atwell/Kern Sub-District
8-1-15+ Trailheads
8-3-0+ Interpretation
9-0-0 Park Superintendent
9-0-1 Assistant Superintendent
9-0-2 Chief of Interpretation
9-0-3 Chief of Maintenance
9-0-4 Chief of Visitor & Resource Protection (Chief Ranger)
9-0-5 Chief of Administration
9-0-6 Research Scientist
9-2-0+ Resource Management
9-2-20+ Research
9-6-0 Fire Management Officer
9-6-1 Assistant Fire Management Officer
9-6-2+ Fire Management
9-8-0+ Auto Shop
9-9-0+ Electronics Technicians

Yosemite National Park Unit ID's

Dispatch ID: "Yosemite" Callsign "KMC719"

General Staff, mostly non-protection
100+ Superintendent's Office and Parkwide
100 Park Superintendent
101 Assistant Park Superintendent
103 Chief of Maintenance
104 Chief of Administration
105 Chief Ranger (Visitor & Resource Protection)
106 Chief of Interpretation
107 Chief of Resource Management
109 Pubic Affairs Officer
110+ HQ Law Enforcement Staff
120+ Resource Management
140+ Safety Management
145+ Youth Conservation Corps
150+ Maintenance
160+ Employee Housing
165+ Electronics Shop
170+ Solid Waste
200+ Mather Ranger District
250+ Tuolumne Maintenance
260+ Mather Roads-
270+ Tuolumne Utilities
290+ Hodgdon Forestry
300+ Valley Ranger District
345+ Valley District Interpretation
350+ Valley Machine Shop
355+ Valley Animal Packers
360+ Valley Roads
370+ Valley Electrical
380+ Valley Plumbing
390+ Valley Forestry
400+ Wawona Ranger District
430+ Wawona Interpretation
450+ Wawona Maintenance
460+ Wawona Roads
490+ Wawona Forestry
500+ Parkwide Fire
600+ Backcountry Unit
600 Backcountry Unit Supervisor
601+ Backcountry Rangers (non protection)
610+ Wilderness Permits & Trailheads
620+ Trail Crews
800 Research
900 Communications
Resource Resource Management
Ambulance + 1-Park Headquarters; 2-Tuolumne; 3-Valley; 4-Wawona
Bravo Backcountry Protection Rangers
Charlie Heard, but not identified
Delta Valley Ranger District Day Shift
Echo Valley Ranger District Evening Shift
Golf Possible Graveyard Shift, Valley Ranger District
Hotel Horse Patrol
Kilo Heard, but not identified
LYV Little Yosemite Valley
Mather Mather Ranger District Management
Mike Big Oak Flat Sub-District, Mather Ranger District
November Not heard, but believed to be the Valley Ranger District Night Shift
Rescue Heard, but not identified
Sierra Search and Rescue, Full Time Staff
Tango Tuolumne Sub-District, Mather Ranger District
Traffic Traffic Management and Accident Investigation
Whiskey Wawona Ranger District
Fire Management Apparatus
El Portal Engine 31 (Type III), Engine 61 (Type VI)
Wawona Engine 32 (Type III), Water Tender 3 (Unknown Type)
Valley Engine 33 (Type III)
Hodgdon Engine 346 (Type III) Yosemite NP and Stanislaus NF shared vehicle/staff

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