New York Times Square New Year's Eve ball drop

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Scanner frequencies for the annual Times Square New Years Celebration

Public Safety Radio Information

NYPD Citywide Frequencies

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
470.83750  473.83750   WIF567   RM  136.5 PL  NYPD SOD Special Operations Division  FM  Law Dispatch 
470.63750  473.63750   WIF561   RM  EF1 NAC  NYPD VIP Escort VIP Escort (Detective 2)  P25  Law Tac 
470.66250  473.66250   WQON439   RM  167.9 PL  NYPD WTC World Trade Center Patrols  FM  Law Tac 
470.68750  473.68750   WIK936   RM  100.0 PL  NYPD CW 1 Citywide 1  FM  Law Dispatch 
470.71250  473.71250   WIK929   RM  110.9 PL  NYPD CW 2 Citywide 2  FM  Law Dispatch 
470.86250  473.86250   WIF562   RM  151.4 PL  NYPD CW 3 Citywide 3  FM  Law Dispatch 
470.73750  473.73750   WIF565   RM  186.2 PL  NYPD DET CW Detective Citywide (Detective 1)  FM  Law Tac 
470.76250  473.76250   WIF563   RM  EF2 NAC  NYPD IAB Internal Affairs Bureau  P25  Law Tac 
471.01250  474.01250   WIF569   RM  EF3 NAC  NYPD OCCB Organized Crime Control Bureau  P25  Law Tac 
471.13750  474.13750   WIF566   RM  EF4 NAC  NYPD Command Command  P25  Law Tac 
470.81250  473.81250   WIF559   RM  123.0 PL  NYPD Traffic Traffic Division (Highway Units)  FM  Law Dispatch 
482.46250  485.46250   WIM527   RM  123.0 PL  NYPD SI Traffic Staten Island Traffic Division (Highway Units)  FM  Law Dispatch 
482.66250  485.66250   WIM487   RM  100.0 PL  NYPD SI CW 1 Staten Island Citywide 1  FM  Law Dispatch 
482.63750  485.63750   WIM654   RM  110.9 PL  NYPD SI CW 2 Staten Island Citywide 2  FM  Law Dispatch 
482.43750  485.43750   WIM523   RM  151.4 PL  NYPD SI CW 3 Staten Island Citywide 3  FM  Law Dispatch 
471.11250  474.11250   WIF536   RM  110.9 PL  NYPD CDCW Communications Div., Fleet Services  FM  Law Tac 
123.10000        BM  CSQ  NYPD Aviation Aviation Unit  AM  Aircraft 
470.88750  473.88750   WIF560   RM  123.0 PL  NYPD CW 4 Citywide 4  FM  Law Dispatch 
470.88750  473.88750   WIF560   RM  EF0 NAC  NYPD CW 4 P25 Citywide 4 (P25)  P25  Law Dispatch 

  • If you have an extra scanner, consider monitoring/searching the federal frequencies 162.685-171 and 406-420.

Non-Public Safety Radio Information

Non-public safety frequencies reportedly used for the 2007-2008 event (source):

  • 123.1000 (CSQ) Helicopter to Helicopter
  • 123.0250 (CSQ) News Helicopters
  • 123.0500 (CSQ) Hudson River Air Traffic
  • 164.9125 (P25) Coast Guard boats p25 digital
  • 450.2125 (CSQ) ABC Director for Dick Clark New Years Eve show

For cleanup, consider monitoring:

  • 453.6000 (114.8) NY Department of Sanitation - Manhattan

Other sources of information

The December 2007 issue of Popular Communications had an article about holiday scanning in New York City.

N2NOV's NYC Multi-Agency frequency page

W2LIE's annual Live Feed of the Ball Drop New York City frequency page

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