Newton County (IN)

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Newton County, Indiana unit numbering and frequencies:


155.0700 Primary sheriff frequency. (repeater output) Also uses Hoosier Safe-T system.

Sheriff's department units begin with the number 56, the alphabetical reference number of Newton County. (56th of 92 counties)

56-0 Sheriff, 56-1 Captain, 56-2 Sgt., 56-3 Sgt./Detective, 56-4 Sgt., Remaining officers numbered according to their seniority.

Town marshals are numbered starting in the 50's through 90's, with the marshal holding the 1 (51, 71, 91, etc.) and the deputies subsequent numbers (92, 52, 73, etc.)

56-51 Goodland, 56-71 Brook, 56-81 Kentland, 56-91 Morocco, (56-61 presumably held for the town of Mt. Ayr, but they no longer have a marshal)


158.8050 Primary EMS frequency. (repeater output)

Newton County has two EMS stations, one located on US 41 and Co. Rd. 825 South (referred to as South Base), the other on SR 10 and Co. Rd. 100 E (referred to as North Base). One EMS crew is on duty at each station 24 hrs. per day. Medic 1 and Medic 2 are stationed at the south base, Medic 3 and Medic 4 at the north base. When either medic is dispatched to a call, the other unit moves to the center of the county for coverage. When both units are dispatched, an 'all page' goes out for off duty medics to man Medic 2 and Medic 4.


158.8050 Primary fire frequency. (repeater output)

Each department is numbered in the hundreds with members numbered in order of rank. 01 for chief, 02 for assistant, and so on. Many times the '56' is dropped and only the helmet number is used. (ie: 101, 204, 504) Each department utilizes their own fireground frequency. The county fire association has a licesne for the mutual aid frequency of 154.2800 but it is rarely, if ever, used.

56-100 Brook, fireground: 154.1000; 56-200 Goodland, fireground: 154.2050; 56-300 Kentland, fireground: 158.8350; 56-400 Lake Township, fireground: 154.2050; 56-500 Lincoln Township, fireground: 154.3550; 56-700 Morocco, fireground: 154.1750;

56-600 This series was designated by the state for emergency management and follows the same numbering as fire departments. 601 being the EMA director.


Newton County Highway utilizes a repeater with an output of 159.1800.


The 155.070 and 158.805 repeaters are located at the former ambulance building on Co. Rd. 100 North, just west of US 41, known as the town of Enos. Some county offices, including EMA, are still housed at this location. The county highway repeater is located in Morocco at the county highway building.

Goodland fire has a repeater system whereas the dispatch on 158.8050 is retransmitted on their 154.2050 frequency.

It is not uncommon for Kentland and Brook fire departments to monitor the repeater input frequency of 153.7550 on their pagers due to their proximity to the sheriff's office versus the repeater at Enos.