North Carolina Military Monitoring (NC)

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  • The following frequencies were monitored from Western NC, though the unit transmitting might have been elsewhere, including outside NC, at the time.


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Frequency Possible Assignment Tone Type
235.1000 Refueling Track 328 CONV
239.4250 Unknown Mil Air Kentucky CSQ CONV
240.3500 Refueling Track 633 A / B CONV
243.0000 Military Aircraft Emergency CONV
250.3500 SATCOM Pirates
251.6000 VACAPES South Ops. Cherry Point M.C.A.S. CONV
253.9000 SATCOM Pirates
256.6000 SATCOM Pirates
257.8000 K.A.V.L. Tower CONV
262.6000 Patuxent River Maryland N.A.S. Ground Control
264.0050 FLT SATCOM D U.S.A.F Downlink
264.0062 FLT SATCOM D U.S.A.F Downlink
269.1750 ATL Ctr Hinch Mtn. Burne High
269.5750 KAVL Approach / Departure East CONV
271.4000 M.C.A.S. Cherry Point N.C.
276.5000 Mil Air Refuel Track 216 CONV
281.0000 Unknown Mil Air CONV
287.4500 Langley A.F.B. AWACS
289.8000 Blue Angels Refueling Operations CONV
292.2500 Military Air Wing
294.3250 D.O.D. SATCOM Ground Station Channel 60
296.0750 D.O.D. STACOM Ground Station Channel 104
296.6000 Unknown Military Air
296.7000 Memphis Ctr Graham TN, Tactical / Special Use CONV
296.8000 Unknown N.A.S.A.
298.3000 Unknown Military Air
299.0750 Unknown Military Air
301.6500 Airbourne Command Wideband FM
303.0250 McGhee Tyson TN. A.N.G.B. 134TH ARW (SODA Control) CONV
305.3500 Military Air Refueling CONV
316.5000 Military Aircraft CONV
324.0000 D.C. ANG C.A.P. CONV
325.8000 D.C. TRACON
327.2500 LORAN Flight Tracking
336.1000 Air Refueling Wing 455 CONV
343.2500 Unknown Mil Air Refuel Route / Multiple Listing CONV
348.6000 Charlotte / Douglas Ground Navigation
351.8000 KAVL App / Dep W CONV
359.2750 Military Aircraft
364.2000 VACAPES, Refueling Track 636, Grissom Mode 4 NORAD CONV
366.6000 Military SATCOM
370.8750 Johnson A.F.B. TOWER CONV
370.9500 JAX Ctr Charleston S.C. Sector 48 Georgetown Ultra Hi CSQ CONV
371.8500 ATL Ctr Glade Springs VA. Sector 34 Bristol Low CSQ CONV
371.9250 Indy Ctr London KY. Sector 21 London Low CSQ CONV
372.2000 Charleston A.F.B. CSQ CONV

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