Oconee County (GA)

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Radio Unit Numbers

1xx-Fire Station 1 Apparatus or Firefighters, Watkinsville
2xx-Fire Station 2 Apparatus or Firefighters, South Oconee (Farmington)
3xxx-Sheriff's Office Investigators, Deputies
459A-Watkinsville PD Chief
459B through E-Watkinsville PD Officers
4xx-Fire Station 4 Apparatus or Firefighters, Dark Corner (Near Highway 53 and 78 intersection)
5xx-Fire Station 5 Apparatus or Firefighters, East Oconee (Highway 15 South)
6xx-Fire Station 6 Apparatus or Firefighters, North High Shoals
7xx-Fire Station 7 Apparatus or Firefighters, North Oconee (Bogart)
8xx-Fire Station 8 Apparatus or Firefighters, Barber Creek (Near Oconee Connector and Mars Hill Road intersection)
9xx-First Responders, Coroner
14xx-National EMS
F1-Fire Chief

EMS frequencies no longer in use

EMS for Oconee County is no longer handled by the two Athens hospitals, St. Mary's (155.400) and ARMC (155.385). Oconee County has contracted with National EMS which uses Southern Linc. You will occasionally hear National EMS units talking to first responders on Oconee fire dispatch (153.410).

Oconee County to join Oconee Area Radio System (OARS)

Commissioners have approved a plan to join a digital trunked radio system shared by several area counties. The expenditure is approximately $3 million from SPLOST funds. The initial entity on the system is Walton County and that government has chosen to encrypt public safety agency communications. Other entities reported to be interested are Morgan and Greene Counties.

Early information is that officials are leaning toward not encrypting dispatch channels.