Office Buildings Harris County (TX)

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This is the page for office buildings in Harris County, Texas.


451.5375     100.0 PL  Total Plaza?
460.7125  M   132 DPL  main lobby, door 6, 70
461.0875  M   654 DPL  control, he's going to be on level 4, clear here headed
                       back to fulbright, 101, let us know when you go through
                       a door we're trying to test the new {something} we added,
                       talked to him, meeting with robert, damage it has, we'll
                       figure it out, need security posted at that door because
                       it will be propped for the painter, two high risk 
                       individuals we can't give them clearance until we get the
                       forms back, 104, security, my phone number, handle is 
                       actually off of the door sitting on the ground next to it,
                       confirm 157, just left them over there, i just did, that's
                       where the alarm was, whenever you use the remote too close
                       to the boxes, all clear all clear everyone return to your
                       normal daily routine, {6/18/2009} check odor of something
                       burning stairwell B on 26, we're downstairs still nothing,
                       control to 104, mezzanine level

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