Ohio MARCS IP: Pickaway County Radio IDs

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Pickaway County Radio ID Groups

RID Group User
65062xx Sheriff jail radios
65063xx Sheriff portables
65064xx Commercial Point PD
65065xx Sheriff mobiles
65066xx New Holland PD
65067xx South Bloomfield PD
65068xx Ashville PD
65122xx Pickaway Twp FD
65123xx SW Pickaway FD & WADES
65124xx Scioto Twp FD
65125xx Clearcreek Twp FD
65126xx Pic-a-Fay FD
65128xx Harrison Twp FD
65129xx Saltcreek Twp FD
6512xxx Pickaway Twp FD
6513xxx SW Pickaway FD & WADES
6514xxx Scioto Twp FD
6515xxx Clearcreek Twp FD
6516xxx Pic-a-Fay FD
6518xxx Harrison Twp FD
6519xxx Saltcreek Twp FD
65335xx Washington Twp Road
65338xx Harrison Twp Road
65339xx Saltcreek Twp Road
65345xx County Engineer
65772xx Logan Elm Schools
65773xx Westfall Schools
65774xx Headstart
65775xx Teays Valley Schools
65779xx PICCA
65800xx EMA operations
65801xx EMA Cache
65802xx EMA Cache
65803xx EMA Cache
65804xx EMA Cache
65805xx Box 65
65810xx Radio Service
65811xx EOC consoles & ops
65814xx Interop users
65865xx Pickaway Co SO dispatch & cache

Fire Radio ID Logic (Future)


  • A Department number (1=100, 2=200, 3=300, etc)
  • B Station Number
  • C Radio Type
    • 0 Portable radio
    • 1 Engine
    • 2 Ladder
    • 3 Rescue
    • 4 Grass Truck
    • 5 Medic or Squad
    • 6 Chief/Command Staff
    • 7 Tanker
    • 8 Hazmat or Utility
    • 9 Station or Spare radio
  • D Sequence number (0-9)
    • 0 Vehicle
    • 1-9 Portable assigned to vehicle

Note: On portable radios, last two digits (C and D) reflect unit number 0-99 for most departments.

Pickaway County Identified Radio IDs

Radio ID Alias Description
6512205 Squad 202 Pickaway Twp Squad 202
6590086 CFD Engine 1 Circleville FD Engine 1
6590109 CFD Console Circleville fire dispatch
6590120 CFD Medic 2 Circleville FD Medic 2
6590126 CFD Medic 1 Circleville FD Medic 1
6590128 CFD Medic Circleville FD Medic
6590140 CFD Chief 105 Circleville FD Chief
6590145 CFD Station 1 Circleville FD Station 1
6590148 CFD Squad 1 Circleville FD Squad 1
6590272 Berger ER Berger Hospital ER

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