Ohio Railroads (OH)

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Railroads in Ohio

Class 1 Railroads

Regional/Shortline Railroads

CSX Railroad Divisions in Ohio

CSX Dispatcher Desk Assignments

  • ID Dispatcher (AAR33/AAR38)
    • Indianapolis Line Subdivision (AAR46)
    • Toledo Branch Subdivision (AAR50)
  • IE Dispatcher (AAR25)
    • Columbus Line Subdivision (AAR50)
    • Mt. Victory Subdivision (AAR50)
    • Scottslawn Secondary (AAR50)
  • IG Dispatcher (AAR46)
    • Cleveland Terminal Subdivision (AAR50)
    • Greenwich Subdivision (AAR50)
    • Short Line Subdivision (AAR50)
  • IH Dispatcher (AAR94)
    • Erie West Subdivision (AAR50)
  • IO Dispatcher (AAR14)
    • CL&W Subdivision (AAR08)
    • Cleveland Subdivision (AAR08)
    • New Castle Subdivision (AAR08)
    • New Castle Terminal Subdivision (AAR08)
    • Newton Falls Subdivision (AAR08)
  • IP Dispatcher (AAR94)
    • Fostoria Subdivision (AAR08)
    • Willard Subdivision (AAR08)
    • Willard Terminal Subdivision (AAR08)
  • LA Dispatcher (AAR12)
    • Toledo Subdivision (AAR08)
  • LB Dispatcher (AAR14/AAR58)
    • Illinois Subdivision (AAR08)
    • Indiana Subdivision (AAR08)
    • Indianapolis Subdivision (AAR08)
    • Richmond Subdivision (AAR08)
  • LC Dispatcher (AAR66)
    • Cincinnati Terminal Subdivision (AAR08)
  • LF Dispatcher (AAR14/AAR94)
    • Athens Industrial Track (AAR08)
    • Cincinnati Subdivision (AAR08)
    • Columbus Subdivision (AAR08)
    • Northern Subdivision (AAR08)
    • Russell Subdivision (AAR08)
  • RL Dispatcher (AAR35)
    • Lincoln Secondary (AAR08)
    • Pemberville Subdivision (AAR08)
    • Toledo Terminal Subdivision (AAR08)
  • RM Dispatcher (AAR12/AAR84)
    • Garrett Subdivision (AAR08)

NS Dispatcher Desk Assignments

  • Cleveland Line Dispatcher
    • Cleveland Line, Rochester to Ravenna (AAR64)
    • Fort Wayne Line, Rochester to Alliance (AAR64)
    • River Line, Yellow Creek to Captina (AAR46)
    • Captina Secondary, Captina to MP15.7 (AAR46)
    • Weirton Secondary, Gould to Weirton (AAR46)
  • Cleveland Terminal Dispatcher
    • Chicago Line, CP-181 to Berea (AAR64)
    • Cleveland Line, Ravenna to Cleveland (AAR64)
    • Cloggsville Line, Knob to Rockport (AAR64)
  • Columbus/Dayton Dispatcher
    • Columbus District (AAR72)
    • Dayton District (AAR58)
    • Western Branch (AAR58)
    • Buckeye Branch (AAR58)
    • West Virginia Branch, Bannon to Refugee (AAR58)
  • Cleveland/Sandusky Dispatcher
    • Cleveland District, Bay Village to Bellevue (AAR76)
    • Cloggsville Line, Cloggsville to Knob (AAR76)
    • Huron Branch (AAR76)
    • Sandusky District (AAR72)
  • Detroit/Huntington Dispatcher
    • Detroit District, Detroit to Montpelier (AAR18)
    • Huntington District, Montpelier to Fort Wayne (AAR18)
  • Fostoria/Lima Dispatcher
    • Bellevue Terminal (AAR76)
    • Fostoria District, Colby to Fort Wayne (AAR76)
    • Lima District, Arcadia to Lima (AAR76)
  • New Castle Dispatcher
    • New Castle District, Cincinnati to Fort Wayne (AAR22)
  • Pittsburgh West Dispatcher
    • Fort Wayne Line, Alliance to Crestline (AAR64)
    • Meadville Line, Hubbard to Geneva (AAR46)
    • Lordstown Secondary, Youngstown to Alliance (AAR46)
    • Niles Secondary, Detour to Latimer (AAR46)
  • Toledo East Dispatcher
    • Chicago Line, Berea to Vickers CP285 (AAR58)
  • Toledo Yard Dispatcher
    • Chicago Line, Vickers to Nasby (AAR64)
    • Detroit Line, Airline Junction to OH/MI line (AAR64)
    • Miami CUT Branch, Stanley to Maumee (AAR64)
    • Toledo Belt, Vickers CP286 to Ironville (AAR64)
    • Stanley Secondary, CP286 to Walbridge (AAR64)
  • Toledo West Dispatcher
    • Chicago Line, Nasby to Elkhart (AAR46)
  • Youngstown Line Dispatcher
    • Lake Erie District, Buffalo to Cleveland (AAR76)
    • Youngstown Line, Ashtabula to Rochester (AAR46)

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