OilField Services (OK)

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Oilfield commonly uses the MURS frequencies.

151.8200  M  MURS 151.8200  Common Use  FMN  Other  
151.8800  M  MURS 151.8800  Common Use  FMN  Other  
151.9400  M  MURS 151.9400  Common Use  FMN  Other  
154.5700  M  MURS 154.5700  Common Use  FM  Other  
154.6000  M  MURS 154.6000  Common Use  FM  Other  

Business radio service licensees were allowed to keep their existing use of the frequencies 154.5700 and 154.6000 after MURS was established. They are the 'blue dot' and 'green dot' frequencies, respectively.