Oncor Energy Radio User IDs

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Radio IDs

These radio IDs are in use on the Oncor Energy EDACS system.

  • Radio IDs in the range 105-16383 were logged on the Mineral Wells and Wichita Falls sites.
424 TGO Dallas
487 TGO Fort Worth
498 Oncor TGO
802 East DOC (DR-DOC-4)
803 East DOC (DR-DOC-3)
807 West DOC
808 West DOC (Trouble-2)
809 West DOC (West Disp-E)
810 West DOC (Trouble-1)
816 East DOC
819 West DOC (STORM-1)
822 East DOC
823 East DOC (DR-DOC-6)
834 West DOC (West Disp-W)
862 West DOC (Trouble-4)
863 West DOC (Trouble-1)
2802-2897 Stephenville/Brownwood area trucks
3300-3908 Midland/Odessa/Big Spring/Sweetwater area trucks
4003-4044 unknown facility on talkgroup 1041
7144-7375 unknown facility on talkgroup 1041
12201-12220 Mineral Wells area trucks
12795-12898 Wichita Falls area trucks

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