Ottawa County (MI)

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Ottawa County Central Dispatch Authority

Ottawa Deprecated's

159.09000 	WNXN657 	RM	71.9 PL	Ottawa TAC	Tactical 	FMN 	Law Talk 
855.86250 	WNWS967 	RM	Ottawa Police 3	Police Tactical 	FM 	Law Tac 
155.86500 	WNZJ535 	BM	103.5 PL	MEPPS	MEPPS 	        FMN 	Law Talk
154.41500 	WQBK780 	RM	88.5 PL	Ottawa Fire Tac	Fire:Tactical 	FMN 	Fire-Tac

159.09000 	WNXN657 	RM	71.9 PL	        Ottawa TAC	Tactical 	FMN 	Law Talk 
155.97000 	WNXN657 	M	103.5 PL	Ottawa Police: Car-to-Car 	FMN 	Law Talk 
159.21000 	WNZJ535 	BM	162.2 PL	Ottawa POL OPS	Police Ops 	FMN 	Law Tac 
155.41500 	WNXN657 	BM	136.5 PL	Ottawa Police: Administration 	FMN 	Law Talk 

National interop Fireground frequencies

Range to hear these is ~1 mile since they are not on a repeater.

851.51250 	156.7 PL	8TAC91/91D Fireground Operations 8TAC91/91D FM  Fire-Tac 
852.01250 	156.7 PL	8TAC92D	Fireground Operations 8TAC92D 	FM 	Fire-Tac 
852.51250 	156.7 PL	8TAC93D	Fireground Operations 8TAC93D 	FM 	Fire-Tac 
853.01250 	156.7 PL	8TAC94D	Fireground Operations 8TAC94D 	FM 	Fire-Tac 

Fire Department Numbering Scheme

The first two digits of the numbering plan are the department number. The third digit is the type of apparatus, and the fourth digit is usually the station that the unit is assigned to, though this may not be true for all departments or those with multiple apparatus of one type at each station.

Department Numbers and Radio Channel:

01      Allendale Fire Dept                             70FNorth
03      Conklin Fire Dept (Chester Twp)                 70FNorth
04      Coopersville Fire Dept (Polkton Twp)            70FNorth
05      Crockery Twp Fire Dept                          70FNorth
07      Ferrysburg Fire Dept                            70FNorth
09      Grand Haven City Fire (DPS)                     70FNorth
10      Grand Haven Twp Fire                            70FNorth
17      Spring Lake Twp                                 70FNorth
18      Marne Fire Dept (Wright/Tallmadge Twps)         70FNorth
20      Robinson Twp Fire                               70FNorth

02      Olive Twp Fire Rescue                           70FSouth
06      Zeeland Twp Fire and Rescue                     70FSouth
08      Georgetown Twp Fire                             70FSouth
11      Holland City Fire Dept                          70FSouth
12      Holland Twp Fire Dept                           70FSouth
13      Hudsonville Fire and Rescue                     70FSouth
14      Jamestown Twp Fire                              70FSouth
15      Park Twp Fire                                   70FSouth
16      Port Sheldon Twp                                70FSouth
19      Zeeland City Fire and Rescue                    70FSouth
21      Blendon Twp Fire                                70FSouth

25      HAZMAT                                          Countywide
26      Technical Rescue                                Countywide

The 3rd digit is the type of apparatus:

0    Firefighter
1    Pumpers under 750 gpm
2    Pumpers over 750 gpm
3    Special (Air Trucks, Water Rescue)
4    Aerial devices, platforms
5    Special (Emergency Services)
6    Tankers
7    Rescue
8    Brush trucks, watercraft
9    Command officers

The fourth number is supposed to be station number or in the case of Command Officers, the lowest number being the chief, and highest being lowest ranking senior officer.

1290	12 = Holland Twp    9 = commmand     0 = Chief
1222	12 = Holland Twp    2 = pumper       2 = Station 2 

Codes and Phrases

All fire departments in Ottawa County are instructed to use standard language instead of codes to limit confusion. However there are a hand full of codes that are used to speed communication

Call Response
Priority 1      Life Threatening - Lights/Siren used
Priority 2      Potential Life Threating - Lights/Siren used
Priority 3      Non-Emergency - No Lights/Siren
Early Shutdown  Deactivate lights/siren prior to arrival

Size Up
Side A-Z   Side A is the street address side of the structure,
           the B-Z sides are then assigned clock-wise from side A.

The following abbreviations are also used:

AMA        Against Medical Advice
CHF        Congestive Heart Failure
Class 1    Cardiac/Respiratory Arrest
COPD       Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
CVA        Cerebrovascular Accident (stroke)
DNR        Do Not Resuscitate (also refers to Michigan Department of Natural Resources)
LOC        Level of Consciousness (Decrease)
LZ         Landing Zone (for AeroMed helicopters)
PI         Personal Injury Accident
PI Pin-in  Personal Injury Accident with occupants trapped
RIT        Rapid Intervention Team

Fire Tone-Outs

Currently Ottawa County Fire Departments will still be paged on VHF with a patch to Fire North or Fire South. May use 800Mhz paging in the future.

Dept. #	Station Name	        Loc.	Freq.	Tone A	Tone B
02	Olive Twp Fire Rescue	South	154.25	384.8	1125.1
06	Zeeland Twp Fire Dept	South	154.25	617.4	489.8
08	Georgetown Twp Fire	South	154.25	426.6	384.6
11	Holland City Fire Dept	South	154.25	489.8	441.6
12	Holland Twp Fire Dept	South	154.25	543.3	441.6
13	Hudsonville Fire	South	154.25	554.2	1125.1
13      Hudsonville Rescue      South   154.25  426.6   1125.1
14	Jamestown Twp Fire	South	154.25	688.7	1125.0
15	Park Twp Fire	        South	154.25	398.1	489.8
16	Port Sheldon Twp	South	154.25	441.6	602.6
19	Zeeland Fire Dept	South	154.25	602.6	543.4
21	Blendon Twp Fire	South	154.25	903.2	1122.5
22	Zeeland Rescue	        South	154.25	602.6	543.3
01	Allendale Fire Dept	North	154.16	794.3	1122.5
03	Chester twp Fire Dept	North	154.16	976.2	1122.6
04	Coopersville Fire Dept	North	154.16	349.0	1122.5
05	Crockery Twp Fire Dept	North	154.16	339.6	1122.5
07	Ferrysburg Fire Dept	North	154.16	  ?       ?
09	Grand Haven City Fire	North	154.16	600.9	1285.8
10	Grand Haven Twp Fire	North	154.16	2401	1122.5
17	Spring Lake Twp	        North	154.16	358.6	1122.5
18	Marne Fire Dept	        North	154.16	524.6	1122.5
20	Robinson twp Fire	North	154.16	1034.7  1122.5
        North Ottawa Ambulance  North   154.16  592.8   1122.5
        Life Ambulance                  154.16  507.0   1122.5
25	Hazmat Response Team    Cntywd          525.0	347.6
26	Technical Rescue	Cntywd		707.3	
ALL     County All / Dive Team  Cntywd          1122.5

Ottawa County mutual aid dispatch for a majority of the county works as follows:

Stations 1, 2 and 3 are regular full station responses
Station 4 - Ladder/Aerial Device
Station 5 - Engine
Station 6 - Tanker
Station 7 - Rescue
Station 8 - Brush/Grass truck
Station 9 - RIT/RIC Team
Station 10 - Engine and Tanker

For Example
Marne, Coopersville Station 4 and 6 and Conklin Station 6 would be:
A tanker and Ladder from Coopersville, a Tanker from Conklin and a full response from Marne.

Ottawa County Law Enforcement

Police 1, City Dispatch (70POL1)

Police 1 is the primary channel for Holland PD, Zeeland PD, and Grand Haven DPS.

Holland DPS

Holland city units are generally a phonetic letter followed two numbers (like Charlie 21, or Union 32). Adam, Baker and Charlie units are assigned to a specific Teams (zone areas) of the city.

The Holland city unit types heard are:

Adam     Team A
Baker    Team B
Charlie  Team C
David    Detectives
Lincoln  Code Enforcement / Animal Control, School Liaison Officer?
Motor    Motorcycle (Warm Season Only)
Robert   Reserve units
Tom      Traffic units
Union    Evidence Technician
Victor   less common, special reserve unit?
Zebra    Supervisor

The following are maps of the zones covered by Adam, Baker and Charlie units:
Zone A:
Zone B:
Zone C:

Grand Haven DPS

All Grand Haven units are a four digit number beginning with with 66, with the last two digits corresponding to a one of the four quadrants in the city.


Spring Lake/Ferrysburg PD and Zeeland City PD

Spring Lake/Ferrysburg area is now covered by the Ottawa County Sheriffs department.

Car#   Assigned to:
48xx    Zeeland City PD

Police 2, County Dispatch (70POL2)

Police 2 is the primary channel used for the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department.


Ottawa County Sheriff units:

71xx    Supervisors
72xx    Detectives
73xx    Southwest County Lower Quadrant
74xx    Southeast County Lower Quadrant
75xx    Northeast County Upper Quadrant
76xx    Northwest County Upper Quadrant
78xx    District/Circuit court officers
79xx    Reserves (Possibly including code enforcement/animal control)
7xK9    K9 units
TSx     Traffic Units

Sheriff Paramedic E-Units:

E-3x    Holland Twp and northern Park Twp
E-4x    Georgetown Twp

Other Units:

96xx     Grand Valley State University Police
61xx     Michigan State Police - Rockford Post

The county boats are referred to as "County Boat (70, 71, 72, 73, and 74 [additional boat numbers sometimes heard])". While they can be transported elsewhere when needed, boats 70, 71, and 72 usually cover Grand Haven/Spring Lake, and 73 & 74 usually cover Lake Macatawa in Holland.

Codes and Phrases

All police departments in Ottawa County use a variation of the APCO Ten-Codes for communicating. The most frequently used are:

10-4  	Acknowledgement (OK)
10-6  	Busy -- stand by unless urgent
10-8  	In service
10-9  	Repeat
10-20 	Location
10-22 	Disregard
10-23 	Arrived at scene
10-24 	Leaving scene
10-27 	Drivers license information
10-28 	Vehicle registration information
10-29 	Check for wanted
10-35 	Incident number
10-38 	Stopping suspicious vehicle
10-41 	Beginning shift
10-42 	Ending shift
10-79 	Notify coroner
10-89 	Bomb threat
10-95 	Emergency status check
10-96 	Mental subject
10-99 	Wanted/stolen indicated

A variation of the APCO Phonetic Alphabet is also used:

A 	Adam
B 	Boy (Baker is only used when referring to Holland PD units)
C 	Charles
D 	David
E 	Edward
F 	Frank
G 	George
H 	Henry
I 	Ida
J 	John
K 	King
L 	Lincoln
M 	Mary
N 	Nora
O 	Ocean
P 	Paul
Q 	Queen
R 	Robert
S 	Sam
T 	Tom
U 	Union
V 	Victor
W 	William
X 	X-ray
Y 	Yellow
Z 	Zebra

In addition, MICR (Michigan Incident Crime Reporting) arrest codes are also occasionally heard that are used to assign to incidents. These are not unique to Ottawa County and are used by all Michigan police agencies. They are usually pronounced as hundreds (ex: 3500-1 is said as "thirty-five hundred", 5400-2 is "fifty-four-oh-two" or "fifty-four-hundred-two", etc..). An exhaustive list can be found here but the most commonly heard codes are listed below:

1300-1        Non-aggravated Assault
1300-2        Aggravated/Felonious Assault
3500          Narcotics
4100-0        Liquor Violations - Other
4800-0        Obstructing Police
5000-0        Obstruction of Justice
5200-1        Weapons (Concealed)
5300-1        Disorderly Conduct
5400          Traffic Offense
5400-1        Hit & Run M/V Accident
5400-2        OUI of Liquor/Drugs

The following abbreviations are also used over the air:

AGP    Assist (to) General Public
B&E    Breaking and Entering
BLP    Grand Haven Board of Light and Power
BOL    Be On (the) Lookout
BPW    Holland/Zeeland Board of Public Works
CCW    Carrying Concealed Weapon (Permit)
CPS    Child Protective Services
CSC    Criminal Sexual Conduct
DOT    Direction of Travel
DWI    Driving While Intoxicated (Same as OWI, OUIL)
DWLS   Driving While License Suspended
ETA    Estimated Time of Arrival
FOC    Friend of (the) Court
GDL    Graduated Drivers License
GHDPS  Grand Haven Department of Public Safety
HCH    Holland Community Hospital
HDPS   Holland Department of Public Safety (Headquarters/Jail on 8th St.)
HPD    Holland Police Department (obsoleted for HDPS)
LEIN   Law Enforcement Information Network
LMD    Lake Michigan Drive
LOC    Level of Consciousness
MDOP   Malicious Destruction of Property
MCT    Mobile Computer Terminal
MIP    Minor in Possession (Alcohol)
NOCH   North Ottawa Community Hospital 
NRT    No Report Taken
OBR    Ottawa Beach Road
OCJ    Ottawa County Jail
ONF    Report On File
OUIL   Operating Under Influence of Liquor (Same as OWI, DWI)
OWI    Operating While Intoxicated (Same as DWI, OUIL)
PBT    Preliminary Breath Test (Alcohol)
PDA    Property Damage Accident
PI     Personal Injury Accident
PO     Probation Officer
PPO    Personal Protection Order
R&O    Resisting and Obstructing
RPT    Report Taken
SOR    Sex Offender Registry
SOS    Secretary of State (License Information)
TCO    Taken Care Of
TOT    Turned Over To
TX     Telephone
UDAA   Unauthorized Driving Away (an) Automobile
UTL    Unable To Locate

Interoperability Frequencies

155.75250          M 156.7 PL   VCALL 10
151.13750          M 156.7 PL   VTAC 11
154.45250          M 156.7 PL   VTAC 12
158.73755          M 156.7 PL   VTAC 13
159.47250          M 156.7 PL   VTAC 14
170.01250          M 156.7 PL   IR 6 
154.28000 154.2800 M 156.7 PL   VFIRE 21
154.26500 154.2650 M 156.7 PL   VFIRE 22
154.29500 154.2950 M 156.7 PL   VFIRE 23
154.27250          M 156.7 PL   VFIRE 24
154.28750          M 156.7 PL   VFIRE 25
154.30250          M 156.7 PL   VFIRE 26
155.47500 155.4750 M  85.4 PL   VLAW 31
155.48250          M  85.4 PL   VLAW 32
155.34000 155.3400 M 156.7 PL   VMED 28
154.29500 154.2950 M 156.7 PL   VMED 29

Municipalities and Districts

Georgetown Township (Jennison/Hudsonville)

Crockery Township

  • WQQI314 - 154.145 Repeater with 159.2925 input (NFM at Nunica)


  • Public Works - WPRB586 - Mobiles on 466.875 (NFM)

Georgetown Township (Jenison)

  • WQOV900 - 173.3125 Fixed (14,000 meter reading units)

Jamestown Township (Hudsonville)

  • WQPU447 - 151.085 Repeater with 158.985 input (NFM) for Fire


West Ottawa Public Schools (Holland)

  • Website
  • WQQC605 - 451.8625, 451.3 Repeaters (NFM)
  • 7/12 FCC Application for Mobiles on 457.1625, 467.3875, 467.2875, 463.6375 (11K Voice/Data)


  • WPMB651 Add 461.4375, 463.3 Repeaters (11K)


Fast Food

  • 457.5125 M 71.9 PL Burger King - Drive Thru (US31 by Wal-Mart)


468.31250 WQBJ976 M   SnstManor 1   Sunset Manor Retirement Complex  FMN  
452.13750 WQBJ976 M   SnstManor 2   Sunset Manor Retirement Complex  FMN  
457.13750 WQBJ976 M   SnstManor 3   Sunset Manor Retirement Complex  FMN  
463.31250 WQBJ976 M   SnstManor 4   Sunset Manor Retirement Complex  FMN  
463.28750 WQBJ976 RM  SnstManor 5   Sunset Manor Retirement Complex  FMN  
463.96250 WQBJ976 RM  SnstManor 6   Sunset Manor Retirement Complex  FMN  
461.76250 WQKX483 RM  SnstManor 7   Sunset Manor Retirement Complex  FMN  
463.28750 WQKX483 RM  SnstManor 8   Sunset Manor Retirement Complex  FMN  
463.33750 WQKX483 M   SnstManor 9   Sunset Manor Retirement Complex  FMN  
463.88750 WQKX483 M   SnstManor 10  Sunset Manor Retirement Complex  FMN  
464.32500 WQKX483 M   SnstManor 11  Sunset Manor Retirement Complex  FMN  
464.73750 WQKX483 M   SnstManor 12  Sunset Manor Retirement Complex  FMN  
 47.62000 WNJB666 BM  WMich VetSvc  West Michigan Veterinary Service: Operations

Attraction and Recreation

Wuskowhan Players Club / Golf Course (West Olive)

  • 9/12 FCC App 0005465133 for 461.5125, 466.5125 20-2wt 11K Voice/Data

Ottawa County (MI) Bridges

Herman Miller "Operations" conducts radio checks with Spring Lake (unit 205) and Zeeland (unit 211) Boar's Head Provisions Company (Makes Deli Meats) (Holland)

  • WPQD720, Repeaters on 452.05, 452.15, 451.95 (11K)

Request Foods (Holland)

152.285                                   RqstFds Hlnd (input 157.545)
152.435                                   RqstFds Hlnd (input 157.635)
152.4275                                 RqstFds Hlnd (input 157.6875)
152.4125                                 RqstFds Hlnd (input 157.6725)
152.3875                                 RqstFds Hlnd (input 157.6275)
152.3625                                 RqstFds Hlnd (input 157.6425)
152.375                                   RqstFds Hlnd (input 157.695)
152.315                                   RqstFds Hlnd (input 157.575)