PRO-97 and PRO-2055 Tips and Tricks

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  • A replacement belt clip is available, see your local Radio Shack store to order. RSU part number 12418273. Cost is $3.49 each plus shipping.
  • You may program more than 1 trunk system in a bank provided it is separated by 1 conventional channel
    • This tip does not work for EDACS systems.
  • Many power supplies for Uniden cordless phones fit this scanner. Be sure to check voltage, amperage, and polarity before plugging it in.

Keypad startup options

As soon as the unit is powered on, these are the options that can be controlled using the keypad.

  • Key 1: Key tones ON
  • Key 2: Key tones OFF
  • Key 3: Display firmware version
  • Key 0,1: Full unit initialization, complete reset to factory settings.
  • Key 0,2: This clears all memories and fills all channels with test frequencies.
  • Key 0,5: EEPROM. Clears all memories.
  • Key 0,6: EEPROM Test Mode.
  • Key 0,7: Delay OFF
  • Key 0,9: Clears all memory after confirmation.
  • Light key: Set light time using up/down buttons.

Finding LTR LCN order

The PRO-97 has a feature that will tell you what the proper channel number for an LTR system is.

  1. Program a frequency from the system in the first channel
  2. Set the mode for LTR
  3. Put the scanner in manual
  4. When you hear a transmission, there will be a number in the lower right corner of the display like "R03" or whatever. This is the LCN (Logical Channel Number) of that frequency. If it is "R03", you would re-program that frequency into channel number x03 where x is the bank that you are going to use. Ignore the number appears during the status bursts as it is generally not accurate. LTR Standard systems can only have LCNs 01 through 20 (sometimes you may see a number higher than 20)

Continue the above procedure until you have all the numbers for all the frequencies in the system, keeping in mind that some numbers might be skipped over, example, there may be no channel R02 in your particular system.

Note - The LTR repeater number identifier does not work when the repeater ID burst is turned off by the system administrator.

Restoring The 155 Preset Frequencies

  1. Turn the scanner OFF and then turn ON again.
  2. When the Multi-system Trunking Scanner appears, press PGM.
  3. Press 1

Manually Changing the Welcome Message

To change the startup message on the PRO-97 scanner:

1. Turn on the scanner.
2. Change to any standard FM channel.
3. Press [PGM] to enter program mode.
4. Press [FUNC] + [TEXT]. The display will read:

   Start Message
   Edit 1st line:

5. Enter the text you wish and press [ENT] to move to the second line, then the third, and so on.
Thanks to Matthew on for the procedure

Function Keys

Func + Action
Scan Nothing
Func Unsets function select
Man Nothing
Trunk Access to ID banks for current bank. Same as Pgm + Trunk
Wx Nothing
Pri Copies current frequency to Priority channel. Pgrm + Pri edits.
Text While in Program mode, changes startup text
Pse Nothing
Mode While in Program mode, changes the programmed CTCSS/DCS code if the channel has already been set to CTCSS or DCS mode.
Backlight Toggles keylock
0-9 While in Program mode, Access to clear entire bank X (where X is the number pressed after function) or to change text tag for bank X.
. Toggles the current bank between Open and Closed mode.
CL While in Program mode, resets the current channel to 0.0000 and the text tag to Bank X Channel XX. While in text tag editing mode, erases the text tag.
Tune Copies current frequency to fine tune mode
Att Toggles global attuenator
Up Moves to channel 00 of next bank
Down Moves to channel 00 of previous bank
Search Nothing, but Pgm + Srch programs SR6
Lockout Jumps to next highest locked out channel
Program Nothing
Enter Nothing

Finding tones in Tune mode

While in Fine Tune Mode, press the "mode" key to cycle between CT (CTCSS), DC (DCS), AM and FM. If CT or DC is selected, the bottom line will display the decoded tone if one is transmitted. The function is identical to setting a channel as CT or DC, but this does not save the frequency in a channel/bank.