Pacific NorthWest DMR

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Welcome to the PNW DMR Information page For the most current info, please visit PWDigital.Net

The PNW DMR network is a system of open use DMR repeaters located in the Pacific Northwest. The PNW c-Bridge currently supports 35 plus MotoTRBO repeaters with 24 in Washington, 10 in Oregon and 1 in Idaho. We also have deployed several c-Bridges, an echo server and 8 MMDVM servers for additional repeater and hotSpot support. Where possible, our repeaters are IP linked via HamWAN, a private RF based IP backbone network. Some repeaters have dual IP sources with failover protection. Please become a member (free)!

This network enables the use of a single local area repeater for a QSO or EVERY repeater on the network, depending on the talkgroup selected. Each repeater can support 2 simultaneous conversations or upwards of 50 conversations network-wide. Users are empowered to talk locally on a single repeater or thousands worldwide. Think smallest footprint needed to support your QSO. Understanding how the talkgroups are designed to work is important before hopping onto the network.