Palmetto TRBO/Capital City TRBO Talkgroup Research

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This system is a Motorola Connect Plus (TRBO) System. This is a very active system especially around the Columbia area, with the majority of the talk groups being school-related. Here are some of the many Talk groups:

  • 1500000 Richland Co. School District 1 Buses
  • 1500002 Richland Co. School District 2 Buses
  • 1500008 Unknown Middle School Teacher Talk-around
  • 1500017 Richland Co. School Bus Maintenance
  • 1500022 School Bus to Base
  • 1500023 Elementary School Operations and CO/OP with Buses
  • 1500027 Middle School Operations
  • 1500031 Middle School Ops
  • 1500040 Unknown School Ops

Here are some Talk groups labeled as "Transportation":

  • 1500018 Taxi Service
  • 1500019 Gasoline Tanker Service
  • 1500024 USC Shuttle Buses (Secondary?)
  • 1500053 Transit Buses (Comet Buses?)

Color Code for all frequencies in the system:1

All ID's in the system start with 60***. For example, an ID that appeared on the scan list was 60276 in Talk group 1500002.