Payne County (OK)

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Payne County, Oklahoma
County Number 40119
OHP Troop K
ODOT Field District 4
OKWIN Sites Stillwater (012)
NWS Office Norman
FIPS Code 40119

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Oklahoma Highway Patrol

Payne County is in OHP Troop K's service area.


DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
44560  ae1  OHP K-Comm  Perry Dispatch - K-Comm 
44592  ae3  OHP K-Ops  Perry Operations - K-Ops 
45072  b01  OHP CimnTpk1  Cimarron Turnpike 1 
45104  b03  OHP CimnTpk2  Cimarron Turnpike 2 

Low Band and Relays

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
44.70000  WQFS594   BM  77.0 PL  OHP Low Band 1 Low Band Side 1  FM  Law Dispatch 

Payne County Sheriff's Office

The Payne County Sheriff's Office dispatches Glencoe and Ripley Police on 155.535MHz

City of Stillwater


Stillwater Police radios are on UHF

460.3250 is Channel 1 -- Dispatch (Channel 2 is talkaround)
460.5250 is Channel 3 -- Records/Car-to-Car (Channel 4 is talkaround)
463.0875 is Channel 5
463.0750 is Channel 6 -- although it is a med channel, it is used to link
                         to OSU on VHF during events (such as football games)

Emergency Management

Stillwater Emergency Management

Public Works

Stillwater storm warning sirens are activated on 153.905MHz using DTMF tones with a 88.5 tone. Voice communication is CSQ. The airport uses the same frequency with a 103.5 tone.

City of Cushing

  • Cushing Police Repeater

Input 158.895MHz has a PL tone of 67.0 / Output 155.025MHz has a PL tone of 103.5

  • Cushing Fire Repeater

Input 159.045MHz has a PL tone of 123.0 / Output 154.235MHz has a PL tone of 88.5

City of Perkins

  • Perkins Police shares dispatch and a repeater (155.250MHz) with the Iowa Tribal Police.
  • Perkins Units are 100's Iowa Tribal Units are 1000's
  • 155.250MHz repeater is licensed as WPQI959, however, voice ID on this system is given as WPNW828.

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