Pennsylvania Highlands Community College

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Main Campus/Richland Site


Admin 1 - Vice President for Student Services and Institutional Advancement
Admin 2 - Vice President of Finance and Administration
Admin 3 - Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs


Director 1 - Currently unknown

Information Technologies

IT 1 - Director of Information Technology
IT 2 - Network Administrator
IT 3 - Computer Technician
IT 4 - Not Heard but most likely other Computer Technician


Maintenance 1 - Facility Manager
Maintenance 2 - Currently unknown
Service Worker 1-4 - Janitors (sometimes just called Service 1-4)

Misc Units

Base - Believed to be person who answers public phone
Purchasing - Purchasing and Fixed Asset Coordinator


Security 1 - Security and Safety Manager
Security 2 & 3 - Security Officers

Ebensburg Education Center

Note: The Ebensburg Education Center is way smaller than the Richland site, both physically and in staff/students. So, due to this, radio use is very limited, and it often resorts to naming conventions like, "Steve to Harry" (both fictional names), not predefined unit numbers.