Pickens County (SC)

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Public Safety Radio Information

Some Fire, EMS, and Rescue Units are dispatched by the Pickens County 911 answering point located at the Law Enforcement Center. Clemson and Easley dispatch their own fire and police departments.

EMS - 155.1750 Mhz
     Medic 1 (Pickens)
     Medic 2 (Easley West side station)
     Medic 3 (Liberty Station)
     Medic 4 (Central Station)
     Medic 5 (Dacusville Station)
     Medic 6 (Holly Springs Station)
     Medic 7 (Six Mile Station)
     Medic 8 (Easley East side station)
     G1 - Coroner
     G4 - Coroner's transport unit 

This radio channel was originally a remote base when the frequency was shared by Greenville County EMS only 15 miles away. Greenville County eventually moved to UHF, and when FCC regulations allowed EMS VHF repeaters, the system was converted. It is referred to as channel 1.

County Units - 155.1150 Mhz
     100's - Administrator's Office
     200's - Public Works
     3200's - Emergency Management
     Rescue 6 (Central squad members 61 to 625) (reported to be disbanded)
     Rescue 7 (Pickens squad members 71 to 725)
     Rescue 8 (Easley squad members 81 to 825)
     Rescue 9 (Liberty squad members 91 to 925) (reported to be disbanded)

This is referred to as the Admin channel or channel 3. For many years, this was the only Pickens County VHF repeater channel for local government/EMS/Rescue use. It was originally located on Woodall Mountain, but was moved to the present 911 site when the Woodall Forestry tower was taken down. The move improved coverage east and north of Pickens, but coverage to the Clemson/Central area is less than before. All county services make use of this system and it becomes congested during severe weather events. The active Pickens County Rescue Squads operate under the County Emergency Management Agency.

Fire Departments - 151.3400 Mhz
     Dacusville VFD
     Pumpkintown VFD
     Holly Springs VFD
     Vinyards FD
     Keowee Springs FD
     Croswell FD

All but one of the rural fire departments are dispatched on this repeater system. It replaced the 154.0700 remote base system. It is channel 1 in rural fire department radios and channel 6 in EMS/Rescue Squad radios. It is located at the 911 repeater site.

Fire Departments - 154.0700 Mhz
     All rural FD's

This is the fireground and search command channel for rural fire departments in Pickens County. It is channel 2 in FD portable radios.

Fire Department - 155.9250 Mhz
     Liberty FD
Fire Departments - 158.8350 Mhz
     Pickens City FD
     Shady Grove FD

This is Pickens City Fire Department channel that was located on a water tank in the city itself. It is now located at the 911 site. Shady Grove FD is staffed by Pickens FD personnel.

Fire Department - 151.3400 Mhz
     Norris VFD

The Norris Fire Department is dispatched on the town's water system channel.

Fire Department - 159.1125 Mhz
     Six Mile VFD

About fifty percent of the Six Mile call area has low signal from the 911 site due to shadowing by Six Mile Mountain. This system is actually located on Six Mile Mtn. and covers their call area well.

Other Frequencies:

Rescue Squad - 155.7750 Mhz
      Easley Rescue 8

This narrowband repeater system located in Easley is used for operations to relieve congestion on the 155.115 channel. It is referred to as Channel 4 by squad members replacing the 155.2200 frequency.

Emergency  Management or Sheriff's office - 453.1000 Mhz

Relocated to the 911 site using a digital mode (NXDN).

Rescue Squad/EMS - 155.2200 Mhz
      EMS/Rescue Squads

In the past this frequency was channel 1 in all squad portable radios. Anderson County is the heavy user of this frequency and they dispatch their Rescue ambulances here. This frequency is seldom used by Pickens County although the licenses are renewed. Easley Rescue does not use this frequency. Other rescue squads have this as channel 4.

Rescue Squad/EMS - 155.2800

This frequency is used for on scene Tac and interop between EMS and Rescue squad personnel. It is low power use only and is channel 5 in Squad and EMS radios.

Fire Department - 155.8875
       Vineyards FD

This repeater is located in the Vineyards development near Keowee Lake. It is a narrowband system use for Tac operation within the district.

Sheriff/Police Departments
      Pickens County Sheriff Dispatch  Ch-1 - 460.4500
      *Channel 2 is car to car on Ch-1*Ch-2 - 460.4500
      Pickens County Sheriff/Liberty   Ch-3 - 460.1500
      Pickens County Sheriff/Central   Ch-4 - 460.3500
      Pickens County Sheriff/Regional  Ch-5 - 460.2500
      Pickens County Sheriff/Narcotics Ch-6 - 453.9750
      Pickens County Sheriff Tactical  Ch-7 - 453.8875 (Mobile repeater input)
      Pickens Police Dispatch               - 453.7000
      Liberty Police Dispatch               - 453.2125 (Dispatch on Pal800)    
      Clemson Police Dispatch               - 453.9250
      Clemson U Police Dispatch             - 453.0500
Easley Police Dispatch - 460.2125 
                       - 453.6125 (operations) 

Fire Department - 155.6925 Mhz
      Easley FD

This is Easley Fire Department Dispatch Channel. They are Dispatched by Pickens County and their own dispatch. Easley Fire Department has 3 stations. Station 1 is on South Pendleton Street. Station 2 is on Glenwood Rd. Station 3 is on Powdersville Rd.

Fire Tones

County Dispatch Frequency 151.3400

  • Name Tone A Tone B Quick Call II
  • Central Fire (Station 7) 1395.0/1357.6
  • Croswell (Station 14) 1122.5/1357.6
  • Dacusville (Station 10) 879.0/1357.6
  • Easley (Station 5) 378.3/379.4
  • HAZ-MAT 1092.4/296.5
  • Hollysprings (Station 3) 422.1/321.7
  • Liberty (Station 2) 1321.2/1357.6
  • Norris Fire (Station 8) 1433.4.1357.6
  • Pumpkintown (Station 1) 339.6/321.7
  • Vineyards (Station 11) 1122.5/1395.0
  • Shady Grove (Station 12) 378.6/358.6