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Placer Law Enforcement Numbering System

For PCSO boats, see also: Marine Ch 9, 16, 17, 71

Placer County Law agencies work under a master CAD/Radio plan administered by Placer County. Most agencies in the county are either on CAD with Placer SO, or are at least using the radio identifier protocol set by the county.

Most agencies use a standard radio identifier (sometimes dropping the first number when on their local radio net) consisting of <Number-Letter-Number>. The first number denotes the agency. The letter is the assignment of the unit. The last number is a sequential number assigned to the officer. Exception: PCSO uses a different system based upon beat assignments (explained below).

Agency List and Common Designators

  1. PCSO
  2. Auburn PD
  3. Rocklin PD
  4. Unused
  5. Lincoln PD
  6. Unused
  7. Roseville PD

Common assignments:
Items marked with (*) appear to be unique to Roseville PD

  • Adam- Admin and Chiefs
  • Charles- Community Service Officers (except Roseville)
  • Frank*- Gangs/High-Impact Crime Unit
  • Ida- Investigators
  • John- School Officers
  • King- K9 Officers
  • Lincoln- Lieutenants
  • Mary*/Motor- Motorcycle Traffic units
  • Paul- Patrol units
  • Sam- Sergeants
  • Tom- Vehicle-based Traffic units
  • Victor- Citizen Patrol units
  • William*- All Non-sworn employees (Animal Control, CSO’s, etc)

PCSO Unit Numbering System

Placer Co. Sheriff (PCSO) uses a numbering system based upon beat assignments, not officer ID’s. PCSO’s system uses a <Number-Number-Letter> series, where the first number (1) denotes agency (PCSO), the second number denotes shift/watch, and the letter denotes beat assignment.

EXCEPTION: PCSO generally fields fewer units on graveyard, and they are assigned to zones rather than beats. Graveyard zones are 1-Lower (below Newcastle/Penryn) and 2-Upper (above Newcastle/Penryn). Graveyard units will usually have callsigns of 1-Mike-1, 1-Z-2, etc.


  1. Graveyard
  2. Days
  3. Swings


A- Auburn

B- North Auburn, Foresthill Bridge

C- City of Colfax contract

D- Auburn

E- East of Colfax/ Summit

F- Granite Bay/East Loomis (east of Barton Road)

G- I80 North of Auburn to Colfax

H- Foresthill resident deputy

I- Investigator

1 David #- SRO's

K- K9 (Can also be K-#)

L- Lincoln / Sheridan

M- (Mike) Graveyard unit assigned to a zone rather than a beat (possibly second unit in zone)

N- Narcotics

O- West Roseville

P- Town of Loomis contract

R- Roseville (unincorporated) / Granite Bay

S- Sergeant

T- Traffic unit in contract cities (Loomis [Tom-1]/Colfax [Tom-2])

U- Newcastle / Penryn

W- CSO's

Z- Graveyard unit assigned to zone rather than beat - Possibly the primary zone unit

Placer County Probation uses the prefix 82 followed by three additional digits. Example, '82114' pronounced 'Eighty-Two One One Four'

If a unit assigned to a beat is a K9 unit, the "King" is added to the beat (e.g. 13 Ocean King)

Placer County Fire Department

Western Placer County (unincorporated areas) fire agencies are dispatched by two separate agencies. Fire districts are dispatched by Placer County Communications (Sheriff's Dispatch) on 154.355 (various input PL's--listed output PL). Placer County Fire Department (CDF-contract) is dispatched by CDF-Grass Valley ECC on NEU West (151.325).

Roseville, Rocklin, and Lincoln have their own dispatch centers and frequencies, while Auburn and Colfax contract with CDF, and the Town of Loomis contracts with Placer County.

All "Eastside" fire districts, along with Meeks Bay, are dispatched on NEU East (154.130 MHz) as of June 1, 2009.

South Placer County Fire Station Identifiers

* Numbers in parentheses are the battalion identifiers (how the Batt Chiefs ID themselves)
* Some districts have more identifiers than current stations, allowing for expansion

  • 1-13: Roseville City (1)
  • 14-20: South Placer Fire District (19)
  • 23-26: Rocklin City (24)
  • 28,29: Loomis (28)
  • 30: Colfax City (13)
  • 31: Iowa Hill (13)
  • 32: Dutch Flat (13)
  • 33-35: Lincoln City (34)
  • 38: Penryn (38)
  • 41: Newcastle (41)
  • 70-78: CDF/CoFD Lincoln Group
    • 70- East Lincoln (Wise/Eden- fully staffed)
    • 71- Unassigned
    • 72- Unassigned
    • 73- Fowler (northeast of Lincoln - volunteer) (Former Station- Closed)
    • 74- Thermalands (s/o Camp Far West - volunteer)
    • 75- Paige (w/o of Lincoln on Nicolaus - volunteer)
    • 76- Amoruso (sw/o Lincoln, w/o Casino - volunteer)(Former Station- Closed)
    • 77- Thunder Valley/Sunset (Casino - 1 engine & 1 truck [year-round], 1 Type 3 [fire season only]. fully staffed, E77/T77 ALS)
    • 78- Sheridan (volunteer)
  • 84-86: Placer Hills (84) (Between Auburn and Colfax along I-80)
  • 88-90: Foresthill (88) (includes two ALS ambulances)
  • 100-102: CDF/CoFD Dry Creek (All units out of one station on Cook-Riolo Rd - E100 fully staffed; Has two volunteer engine companies)
  • 180,182,184: CDF/CoFD (North Auburn along Hwy 49)(E180/E181/T180 staffed at 180; E182 staffed at 182; Station 182 has volunteers to supplement career staff; Station 184 is inactive, used for apparatus storage)

Auburn City (12) and Alta (11) have kept their 4-digit identifiers from the old district-based numbering system.

CDF's station numbers (State Stations) within the county do not fit within this plan. They are numbered to fit within the NEU Battalion they are in.

  • Station 10 - Auburn (NEU HQ)
  • Station 11 - Foresthill (seasonal)
  • Station 21 - Higgins (Nevada County north of Placer Co. line)
  • Station 30 - Colfax
  • Station 33 - Alta
  • Station 182- Ophir

Roseville Fire Department Stations

  1. Oak Street/Washington Blvd. (HQ and Admin)
  2. Junction Blvd/Americana Drive
  3. Cirby Way/Sunrise Avenue
  4. Eureka Road/Deer Valley
  5. Pleasant Grove/Michener Drive (Mahany Park)
  6. E. Roseville Parkway/Secret Ravine
  7. Highland Pointe/Pleasant Grove (near Hwy 65)
  8. Blue Oaks/Foothills (closed)
  9. Hayden Parkway/Blue Oaks

All stations have a first-due Type 2 paramedic engine (Type 1 engine staffed with 3 personnel). Most stations have a secondary specialty as well:

  1. Truck, Haz-Mat, reserve engine, Battalion Chief
  2. Type 3 Grass engine
  3. Watercraft, Reserve engine
  4. Brush/Grass rig (was a Type 4, possibly replaced)
  5. Brush/Grass rig, possibly a reserve engine.
  6. Type 3 Grass engine
  7. Truck, Heavy Rescue
  8. N/A (Station closed)
  9. Brush/Grass rig

Rocklin Fire Department Stations

Numbers in parentheses are station numbers according to the county numbering plan

Station 1 (23) - Rocklin Road

  • Engine 23
  • Brush 23
  • Grass 23
  • Utility 23 (Air Unit)
  • Water Tender 23
  • Engine 23B (Reserve)

Station 2 (24) - Stanford Ranch/Crest Drive

  • Truck 24
  • Engine 24
  • Brush 24
  • Grass 24
  • Foam 24
  • Rescue 24- Heavy Rescue

Station 3 (25) - Liberty Parkway

  • Engine 25
  • Brush 25

Overhead Assignments

  • 2400- Chief
  • 2401- Deputy Chief
  • 2404- Battalion Chief
  • Battalion 24 - On Duty Battalion Chief

Amateur Radio

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