Platte County (NE)

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Fire/EMS Codes

Fire / EMS codes are given as a 3 digit number. The first number is the call type as listed below. The second number is the number of people responding to the call and the third is the number of responders still left at the station.

Columbus Rescue
  • 1-Car accident
  • 2-Heart attack or other highly urgent call
  • 3-Sick call
  • 4-Transfer in town
  • 5-Car accident with fire
  • 6-Report to station
  • 7-Transfer Columbus Fire/Rural Fire
Call Types
  • 1-Structure fire
  • 2-Silent fire alarm
  • 3-Fire alarm activated
  • 4-Grass fire
  • 5-Car fire
  • 6-Report to station
  • 7-Mutual Aid