Portage County (OH)

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Portage County, Ohio
County Number 67
OSP District Warren
OSP Post 67 (Ravenna)
ODOT District 4 (Akron)
MARCS Zone 2
NWS Office Cleveland
FIPS Code 39133

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Portage County 911 Communications Center

The Portage County Sheriff's Office dispatches on Ohio MARCS P25 700Mhz system. Currently, the Portage County Sheriff dispatches the following departments:

  • Portage County Sheriff
  • Northeast Ohio Medical University PD

City of Ravenna Dispatch Center

The dispatch center is new and is based in the Motorola MCC 5500 console system. The new system went into service during the first full week of October 2010. Fire Comm was taken out of service at the same time during a co-ordinated cut over. The new dispatch center is owned and operated by the City of Ravenna.

The following agencies are dispatched by the City of Ravenna Dispatch Center:

  • Ravenna City Police Department
  • Charlestown Fire Department
  • Deerfield Fire Department
  • Edinburg Fire Department
  • Palmyra Fire Department
  • Paris Fire Department
  • Ravenna City Fire Department
  • Ravenna Township Fire Department
  • Rootstown Fire Department
  • Windham Fire Department

Additional County Dispatch Centers

  • Aurora PD: Dispatches Aurora PD & FD as well as Garrettsville, Freedom, & Nelson Fire Departments as well as Community EMS. Aurora PD & FD has a presence on the MARCS-IP system.
  • Streetsboro PD: Dispatches Streetsboro PD & FD, and Windham Village PD.
  • Mantua PD: Dispatches for Mantua Village PD, Mantua/Shalersville FD.
  • Kent City PD: Dispatches for Kent City PD & FD, Portage County Water Rescue Team, Portage County Fire Investigation Team.
  • Garrettsville PD's dispatch center closed as of August 1, 2016 at 0000 hours. The agencies that utilized the dispatch center have moved to other agencies in the county for dispatch services.

Several townships utilize out of county dispatch centers for their dispatching needs:

  • Atwater FD: Dispatched by CenCom, Nimishillen Twp, Stark County.
  • Randolph FD: Dispatched by Stow PD, Summit County.
  • Suffield FD: Dispatched by CenCom, Nimishillen Twp, Stark County.
  • Brady Lake PD: Dispatched by CenCom, Mimishillen Twp, Stark County. **Village disbanded 2017.

Fire Department Unit Numbering (Countywide)

11xx Atwater FD (Dispatched by CenCom, Nimishlin Twp FD, Stark Co)
12xx Brimfield FD (Dispatched by KSU PD)
13xx Charlestown FD (Dispatched by Ravenna City)
14xx Deerfield FD (Dispatched by Ravenna City)
15xx Edinburg FD (Dispatched by Ravenna City)
16xx Garrettsville, Freedom, Nelson JFD (Aurora PD)
17xx Hiram FD (Dispatched by Mantua PD)
18xx Kent FD (Dispatched by Kent PD)
19xx Mantua-Shalersville FD (Dispatched by Mantua PD)
20xx Palmyra FD (Dispatched by Ravenna City PD)
21xx Paris FD (Dispatched by Ravenna City PD)
22xx Randolph FD (Dispatched by Stow PD, Summit Co)
23xx Ravenna City FD (Dispatched by Ravenna City PD)
24xx Ravenna Twp FD (Dispatched by Ravenna City PD)
25xx Rootstown FD (Dispatched by Ravenna City PD)
26xx Streetsboro FD (Dispatched by Streetsboro PD)
27xx Suffield FD (Dispatched by CenCom, Nimishlin Twp FD, Stark Co)
28xx Windham FD (Dispatched by Ravenna City)
29xx Community EMS (Dispatched by Aurora PD)
30xx Portage County Emergency Management Agency (self-dispatched)
31xx Brady Lake FD ()

  • Aurora FD (Does not participate in County Numbering)

Ravenna City Dispatch Channels

  • RX: 151.475 (210.7 PL) / TX: 158.895 (210.7 PL) - Rav City Central - Located at Ravenna City PD
  • RX: 151.475 (210.7 PL) / TX: 158.895 (067 DPL) - Rav City East - Located at Palmyra FD
  • RX: 151.475 (210.7 PL) / TX: 158.895 (114.8 PL) - Rav City West - Located at Brimfield FD

RX = Receive Frequency TX: Transmit Frequency

Fire Department Pager Tones

Department Tone A Tone B Timing
Atwater FD 1180.0 Hz 992.0 Hz 1 sec/3 sec
Aurora FD -Duty 330.5 Hz 433.7 Hz 1 sec/3 sec
Aurora FD - All 433.7 Hz 8 sec
Mantua FD -Duty 349.0 Hz 389.0 Hz 1 sec/3 sec
Mantua FD -All 389.0 Hz 8 sec
Deerfield FD 765.0 Hz 1132.0 Hz 1 sec/3 sec

Mantua Fire Department Unit Numbers

  • 103 - Pumper (Quint)
  • 104 - Pumper
  • 105 - Tanker
  • 107 - Ambulance
  • 108 - Ambulance
  • 109 - Ambulance
  • 110 - Brush Fire Unit
  • 111 - Chief's car
  • 112 - Technical Rescue Bus

Police Department Unit Numbers

1xx Portage County SO
2xx Kent PD
3xx Kent State University PD
4xx Ravenna City PD
5xx Streetsboro PD
6xx Aurora PD
7xx Windham PD
8xx Hiram PD
9xx Garrettsville PD
10xx Mantua PD
11xx Brady Lake PD
12xx Portage County Sheriff: Special Deputies
14xx Brimfield Twp PD
15xx Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) PD

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