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"I-Call" is Uniden's name for an individual "private" call between two radios (or between a radio and a console operator on a Motorola or EDACS) trunked radio system. The radio traffic on the system is not heard by any of the other users, just the 2 on that specific private call.

"Private Call" is the name used by the object oriented scanners manufactured by RS\GRE\Whistler.

Uniden Scanners

  • For the BC250D and BC785D the BC296D and BC796D;
    • add i0000 to a scan list for an EDACS system
    • For a Motorola system, enter .0 (decimal point then zero). The scanner will convert this to the ICall wildcard 700000
  • To detect an I-Call in ID Search mode, insure that the option is turned on for the system (DMA Scanners)
  • To add an I-Call associated with a talkgroup, to scan it in ID Scan mode, add 700000 to the value; i.e. if the talkgroup is 16, then the I Call talkgroup would be 700016
  • The BCD396t and BCD996t can be enable to do I-Call only in a select System
  • For the XT, P2, and BCDx36HP Series of radios, the I-Call is automatic in ID Search (as is all patch TGID's), in ID Scan you need to program the wildcard "i0" or ".0" (i000000 Motorola / i0000 EDACS) for decimal display, or "." for HEX display. The 700000 number is no longer used, but is displayed as the radio ID, as seen in a trunked decoder program. Many of the third party software packages will do this for you by setting the I-Call flag.


GRE Scanners
  • The PSR-500 and 600, PSR-800 sets I-Call as a Private Wildcard in the menu
  • The PSR-300 and 400 cannot receive I-Calls
Radio Shack Scanners
  • The PRO-106 and 197, Pro-651, Pro-652 and Pro-668 sets I-Call as a Private Wildcard in the menu
  • The PRO-163 and 164, and the PRO-96 or PRO-2096 cannot receive I-Calls
Whistler Scanners
  • The WS1080, WS1088, WS1095, WS1098 sets I-Call as a Private Wildcard in the menu