ProScan Install Under Linux

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Functional Overview


  • Works flawlessly in Ubuntu with Wine. This is my favourite.
  • Successfully uploaded and downloaded systems to a BCT15X.
  • Connected to the DB with no issues. Imported a system then uploaded it to the scanner.
  • The Virtual Control Panel (VCP) closely resembles the scanner model selected. Complete eye candy, not just a generic panel.
  • VCP push buttons illuminate.
  • VCP display, text and button illumination color is configurable.
  • VCP has a small frequency field with tune button.
  • Lower profile VCP than the others.
  • Automatic Update Notification for both evaluation and paid version. Because of the ProScan folder path differences between Linux and Windows the auto update fails so you will need to upgrade manually.
  • License activation tested and functions as expected. Running "Remove Activation" at the bottom of this page returns the application to a 30 day expired copy.
  • 30 day evaluation period.


  • The application can't find the ProScan_Manual.pdf since its hard coded to look in C:\Program Files\ProScan. That's ok since you can just navigate to the folder and open the pdf manually.


  • Not test here was any of the higher end functions other than viewing logs. No recording function tests performed.
  • This instruction should be followed after all OS updates are applied. A fresh 32 Bit Wine prefix highly recommended, instructions below.
  • This should work for most Debian based distributions of Linux.


Install Wine First

Wine Installation Instructions
Precaution: If you have Wine installed it is highly recommended that you start off with a fresh 32 Bit prefix and a correctly installed .NET Framework 4.5 by deleting your ~/.wine directory and see the link above to reinstall the prefix.

Install ProScan

Download from here:
Extract file into your download directory.
1) Copy and paste the text below into a Terminal window to start the installation program:
wine ~/Downloads/ProScan_10_2.exe
2) Select "Next" after closing other open applications.
3) Accept the agreement by selecting "Next".
4) Install into the default directory: C:\Program Files\ProScan, select "Next".
5) Let it create the default shortcuts, select "Next".
6) Check the "Create a desktop icon" box, select "Next" then "Install".
7) You can leave the "Launch ProScan" checked, select Finish.
8) ProScan will now start. Select "OK" on the activation window to start the evaluation period or "Enter Key" to activate.
9) Select your scanner model.
10) From the toolbar select "Comm Port".
11) Select Port 1 and the Baud Rate to match your scanner.
12) Press "Auto Detect", highlight the option which displays in the "Comm Port Auto Detect" and press "Set Selected Available Port". Close the "Comm Port" window.
ProScan is now running.

Launching ProScan

  • Double click the Launcher on your Desktop created during installation.
  • If you don't have a Launcher you probably missed the step 4 above creating a Windows "Shortcut". I wouldn't have thought it would work but it does. Just reinstall the program to create it.

Removing Activation

  • ProScan licensing allows use on 2 operating systems. Running the following will return your copy to a 30 day expired copy.
To remove activation for use on another operating systems run the following:
wine ~/.wine/drive_c/'Program Files'/ProScan/RemoveActivation.exe

Uninstalling ProScan

Run the following:
wine ~/.wine/drive_c/'Program Files'/ProScan/unins000.exe
Follow the prompts.

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