Programming Shortcut pro-2055

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Pro-2055 Cheat Sheet

If system is Motorola Type II, EDACS or LTR start with Programming section, if Motorola 
Type I or IIi, set the fleetmap in the last section prior to Programming.

Storing known trunked frequencies
1. Press MANual, Press three digits to get the bank and channel number desired then Press
   MANual again. (Upper left should read Mxxx for your bank and channel number)
2. Press PGM, (upper left should change from M to P)
3. Press TRUNK
4. Press MODE to Mot/ED*/LT* depending on system.
4a. On Motorola 800 MHz systems press Func then 3 and choose either Standard or Splinter (for border areas)
5. Press PGM
6. Enter the frequency.Be sure to set the mode to the same thing you set in step 4.
7. Press Enter
8. Repeat steps 5 through 8 until all frequencies are entered in selected bank.
9. Step through each frequency in manual mode and press MODE until MO, ED, or LT (Motorola, EDACS, LTE) 
   is displayed next to the channel number; this is necessary to activate trunk/talkgroup scanning.
* EDACS & LTR systems must be programmed in Logical Channel Number (LCN) order.
* Be sure to begin programming EDACS or LTR frequencies in channel 1, not channel 0. 
  Leave channel 0 blank.
Note: if frequency Alpha Tags are desired, use step 3 through 5 in Storing known Text Tags 
below between step 7 & 8 above.

Press SCAN

Storing known Talkgroup ID’s
1. Press PGM
2. Press TRUNK
3. Enter the 5 digit for Mot, or 4 digit/AFS X-XXX for ED, or AFS X-XX-XXX for LTR.
4. Press ENTER
5. Press Up button
6. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 until all are entered.
Note: if TG Alpha Tags are desired, use step 3 through 5 in Storing known Text Tags below 
between step 4 & 5 above.

Storing known Text Tags
1. Navigate to the bank with the trunked system.
2. Press PGM then TRUNK, then navigate up/down to the first ID to tag.
3. Press Text, the cursor appears on line 3.
4. Using the numbered keys text in the line up to 16 characters. The letters above each 
number will help in the selection. Example, POLICE DISPATCH (15 characters counting the space)
The first letter is P, Press the number 7 then the number 1 for P. (7 will open the four
numbers PQRS and by selecting 1 is for the first of these four. A 7 then 2 would get the
letter Q. Press up or down to move the courser back and fourth or to correct a mistake.
5. Press Enter
A chart in the Owners Manual may be used for other options.

Programming Fleetmaps
1. Restrict your radio to scanning the bank that contains the Motorola system that needs 
   the  fleetmap programmed, using the method previously shown.
2. Press MANual
3. Press FUNC then TRUNK, this puts the scanner in the Talkgroup programming mode.
4. Press FUNC then 8, this your Fleetmap screen and should be default Type II 
   (Block 0 size code.  Use 15 for type II  S-00.  The S is for size and the 00 is for 
   Type II system in this block.  
5. Using the information for your system, enter the 2-digit number for the first block, 
   i.e., 04 for 4 etc.
6. Press ENTer, the new block number will appear (remember about size code 12, 13 and 14
   previously discussed).
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until all 8 blocks are entered.  Note:  After pressing ENTer on 
   block #7, the radio will return to the Talkgroup programming screen
8. Using the numbered buttons, key in your 1st tag.  Note:  use ( . ) for ( - )  Press ENTer.
9. Repeat step 8 until all are entered (30 per each of the 5 sub-banks)
A final note on Type 1 size codes: Many systems use size code 12 but size code 13 or 14 
are rare.

For additional tips on programming EDACS or LTR systems, please see the following;