Programming Your Scanner for Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) P25

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Pro-96/2096 Programming Note

If you want to monitor the LCRA-LiveOak site in BexarCo you will need to program you scanner with WIN96 with the 9600baud Extended Table below Special thanks to Mikey60 ( and Pro96Com which told him the needed info!.Put in all of these these freqs because yes the CC has been seen on LCN's 1&2 so far. Also, set your trunking mode and each LCN mode to "MOT" and use extended table below.

MOT 9600 CC Extended Table (This table info is tested and works GREat)
  • CH Lo=4096
  • CH Hi=8191
  • Base Freq=851.0000
  • Offset=4096
  • Step=12.5