Programming Your Trunktracker for the Nebraska SRS

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Programming the system

Monitoring NWIN is easy, and even fun to listen to. Occasionally you may hear other NSP/NPPD radios affiliate to your favorite tower from different troop/service areas, bringing traffic from those areas!

To program this system into your scanner you will need a scanner that will do P25 trunking system, 9600 baud control channel.

  • Uniden BC396XT, BC996XT, Radio Shack Pro 106 and 197 and GRE PSR 500 and PSR 600 scanners program the system as a P25 trunking system. Then program the control channels into your scanner.
  • Uniden 996T and 396T program the system as a Motorola type 2/P25. Under the site select APCO25. Then program the control channel, no band plan needed.
  • Uniden 296, 796 and RadioShack Pro96, you will need to program the scanner as a Motorola VHF trunking system. Program the frequencies and you will need a bandplan.

Set your scanner for no delay on the system as NSP jumps from talk group to talk group.

Please see the Misc System Information in the Nebraska SRS database for trunking tables to be used.