Programming your BC245XLT for Fleetnnet

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Programming instructions

To program the BC245XLT for Fleetnet:

  • Step 1: press and hold the TRNK button so all of the banks are flashing at the same time( approx. 2 seconds)
  • Step 2: select the bank you want to trunk by pressing the bank Number
  • Step 3: select the trunking type, for Fleetnet -- E2-HI -- and press E
  • Step 4: Press the DATA button on the bottom right hand of the scanner, it should say base 137.000, enter in 141.015 and press E; you just entered the base frequency
  • Step 5: press DATA again, it should say OFS (offset) on the left side of the screen, enter in 15.0 and press E
  • Step 6: Press DATA again and all of the band numbers should be flashing, press the bank number you just programmed, if you cant remember, you have very short memory... enter in ALL of your data and control channels for the tower you wish to listen to

NOTE: make sure you put in ALL of your data and control channels in for the tower you wish to monitor, or you will miss conversations. Also keep in mind that the BC245XLT is an analog trunking only scanner, and will not copy any digital talkgroups.

thanks to hondaus90