Programming your Pro-96/2096 for Fleetnet

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Thought I would post this quick run thru for programming a Pro-96 for Fleetnet use.

For Zone 1: See System in DB Here

For Zone 2: See System in DB Here

For Zone 3: See System in DB Here

For Zone 4: See System in DB Here

  • Select a channel in the bank you wish to use for Fleetnet (typically the 1st channel of the bank)
  • Press FUNC TRUNK
  • Press the MODE button to select Motorola
  • Press FUNC 2
  • Enter 141.015 as the base, followed by ENTER
  • Enter 380 as the Offset, followed by ENTER
  • Use the UP or DOWN buttons to adjust the Step size to 15.0 KHz
  • Press Enter to store the settings
  • Press FUNC 3, then use the UP or DOWN buttons to set the 3600 CC Mode to TABLE, followed by ENTER
  • Press MAN to exit the trunk settings
  • Now press PGM and enter a nearby control channel frequency:

ie – London – 142.665, then ENTER

  • Press MODE to set the channel to MO

Hit scan! You can now start storing and tagging active talkgroups (refer to the manual for instructions on this)

One other note... If you are trying to monitor the Toronto tower, that requires setting up multiple different Trunking Table settings, which can be done thru Don Starr's excellent Win96 software or ARC96.

The forum thread that discusses this topic can be found here.