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From a CARMA member...

It looks like the snow plow traffic on 451.850 could be part of an LTR system (WPXH662 - Mike Bramuchi [bought out by RC]) licensed for Arlington Heights. License covers 451.850, 451.975, 462.425 (system ch. 2?) and 463.550 (system ch. 3?). I didn't think to check LTR last night because I was not (and still am not) hearing the typical LTR repeater key-ups every 7 (or so) seconds. While I have not heard any plow traffic on 451.850 this morning, I am hearing plowing/salting traffic on 462.425 - trucks plowing and salting private (mostly retail store) lots....0-03-005 has been ID'd as the salt channel, 0-03-009 as conference 1, and have heard plowing ops (plow channel?) on 0-03-004. There was mention of returning to the Wheeling yard (anyone know of a large private plowing operation out of Wheeling?). Just now heard plowing ops on 451.850 but the PRO-92 didn't display any pl, dpl, ltr or motorola IDs - odd....

Also hearing taxi or medicar ops in the Arlington Heights / Buffalo Grove area on 0-03-010 and 0-02-020 (same company). Additional info on this system would be appreciated.

Snow Systems is a large snow plowing company on Wolf Road in Wheeling