Racine County (WI) Sheriff/Communications Center

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Racine County Sheriff

Overview The Racine County Sheriff Department provides services to the following areas:

  • Elmwood Park
  • I-94
  • Village of Raymond
  • Village of Union Grove
  • Town of Yorkville
  • Village of Waterford
  • Village of Rochester
  • Town of Dover

The Following Departments (Besides the Sheriff) are dispatched on the Sheriff Frequency

  • Village of Wind Point
  • Town of Norway
  • Town of Burlington
  • Town of Waterford

Divisions The Racine Sheriff has multiple divisions including

  • Traffic Enforment
  • SWAT
  • Motorcycle Patrol
  • Water Rescue

Racine County Communications Center

Overview The Racine County Communications Center takes in Fire/Police/EMS calls for Racine County except for the City of Burlington. The communications center dispatches for the following areas.

  • City of Racine
  • Village of Mt Pleasant
  • Village of Caledonia
  • Village of Sturteavant
  • Village of Elmwood
  • Village of Wind Point
  • Village of Union Grove
  • Town of Yorkville
  • Town of Raymond
  • Wind Lake/Norway
  • Village/Town of Waterford
  • Town of Dover
  • Village of Rochester
  • Town of Burlington

Racine County Jail

The Racine County jail is located in downtown Racine, across from the courthouse. They have minimum, moderate, and maximum security houses for inmates for males or females. There are Racine County Sheriff Officers patrolling the complex at all times