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The search facility of the RR Wiki is intended to ease your efforts to find information on a specific subject of interest to you. To aid you in your search you should be aware of certain limitations of the search facility and use the tips on this page in your efforts.


  • The Wiki search uses an indexed search engine. The indexes are limited somewhat to exclude common terms such as "have", "from", "the", etc.
  • Small abbreviations, such as "DEA", are also ignored.
  • Frequencies are not normally indexed.

Hints and Tips

  • Most pages in the RR Wiki are titled with complete names or phrases, so where a search on the term "DEA" will result in failure, a search on the word "Drug" will get results, including a link to the Drug Enforcement Administration page.
  • Usually, searching for a narrowly focused subject may result in a successful search but may not provide all the details you were looking for.
    • For example a search on "rebanding" will bring you directly to the Rebanding page on the RR Wiki. However, what if you were looking for something about how your radio will be affected by rebanding? A click on the What links here link (located in the toolbox, left bottom panel) will bring up a list of all the pages that link to the Rebanding page.

Other Search Engines

  • You can, of course, use external search engines to search the RR Wiki for information and those searches may result in getting information that you can’t seem to find via the Wiki search engine.
    • Following through on the example above, if you utilize the Google specific site search for the term "DEA" (i.e. DEA ), you will get many results, one of which will be the Drug Enforcement Administration page.

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