Rains County (TX)

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Codes/Units/Station Lists

Rains County Law Enforcement IDs

Rains County Sheriff Office

500 Sheriff Rains County
501 Chief Deputy
502 Captain
503 SSGT
504 Deputy
505 Court Services Officer
506 Deputy
507 Investigator Deputy
508 Deputy
510 Animal Control/DPY 5
511 Animal Control/DPY
520 DPY Chief/Emory VFD Chief
521 Reserve Deputy
522 Reserve Deputy
523 Reserve Deputy
550-590 Dispatcher/Correction Deputies
570 Environmental Officer
599 Rains County Constable
600 Rains Independent School District Police Chief
601 Rains ISD officer
1xxx Texas DPS troopers
2xxx Texas Game Wardens

Emory Police Department

100 Chief of Police
101-109 Emory Police Officers

Point Police Department

200 Chief of Police
201 Point Police officer

East Tawakoni Police Department

300 Chief of Police
301-320 East Tawakoni Police officers

Justice of the Peace


Rains County Fire IDs

Emory Fire Department

150-169 Fire Units for Emory VFD Station #1
169-189 Fire fighters for Emory VFD Station #1

400-499 units & fire fighters for Emory VFD Station #2
(formally Steamboat Shores VFD)

Point Fire Department

250-269 Fire units for Point VFD
270-289 Firefighters for Point VFD

East Tawakoni Fire Department

350-380 East Tawakoni Fire fighters

Rains County EMS

Champion EMS

Provides EMS coverage to all of Rains County. Dispatched on the Teletouch LTR system on the Wills Point Tower. However they can be found on the Purley Tower from time to time.
Medic 16- Emory Unit