Ramsey County (MN) Radio IDs on ARMER

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Law Enforcement Radio IDs

New ID format AS## A Agency 2 Ramsey Sheriff 39 North St. Paul 4 Maplewood 5 Roseville 6 State Fair 69 St. Anthony - Lauderdale 7 Moundsview 8 New Brighton 9 White Bear Lake S Shift/Assignment 0- Administration 1- First shift 2- Second shift 3- Third Shift 4- 5- 6- CSO 7- Investigators 8- 8- Off Duty Used by all except N.St. PAUL and St. Anthony
Unit ID Old ID Usage
210x Sheriff Reserve Deputies
24## 2110-2120 Sheriff Water Patrol
24## 213x County Parks & Trails Patrol
25## 242x Sheriff Warrants
25## 243x Sheriff Warrants
244x Sheriff Supervisors
9### 300's White Bear Lake Police
24## 2451-2454 Sheriff Water Patrol
2S## 2457 Sheriff Deputy North Oaks
2S## 2458 Sheriff Deputy Arden Hills
2S## 2459 Sheriff Deputy White Bear Lake Township
2 2460 Sheriff Deputy Vadnais Heights
2461 Sheriff Deputy Shorview South
2462 Sheriff Deputy Shorview/Vadnais Heights/Little Canada (Rice Street Corridor)
2463 Sheriff Deputy Shorview North
2464 Sheriff Deputy Little Canada
2465 Sheriff Deputy White Bear Township
2466 Sheriff Deputy Special Detail
2467-2480 Sheriff Detectives
5### 25xx Roseville Police
8### 26xx New Brighton Police
7### 27xx Mounds View Police
39## 3905-3909 North St. Paul Police Sergeant
39## 392x North St. Paul Police Officers
39## 393x North St. Paul Police Officers
39## 3950 North St. Paul Animal Control
396x North St. Paul Police Reserves
6### 41xx MN State Fair Police
40## 4055 Maplewood Police Chief
40#} 42xx Maplewood Police Lieutenants
4S## 43xx Maplewood Police Sergeants
4S## 44xx Maplewood Police Officers
46## 45xx Maplewood Police CSO's
4### 46xx Maplewood Police Reserves
69## 692x St. Anthony Police (contract with Lauderdale)

St. Paul Police Radio IDs

Unit ID Usage
1xx St. Paul Police West Squad
2xx Central Squad
3xx East Squad
4xx Investigators/Detectives
5xx Downtown & Skyway
6xx Canine Units
90x Traffic Squad
910 Watch Commander
940 Police Chief
xxx Tango Field Training Officer
Bravo xxx Off Duty, Badge #

Fire Radio IDs

100'S Lake Johanna Fire 200's Little Canada Fire 400's New Brighton Fire 500's North St. Paul Fire 600's Roseville Fire 800's Vadnais Heights Fire 900's White Bear Lake Fire

Dispatch Terminals

Ramsey County PSAPs use Motorola Gold Elite Terminals, meaning that each Talkgroup on every Terminal has a unique radio ID.

Gold Elite Prefixes

Unit ID User
400's White Bear Lake Fire
75x Falcon Heights Fire
79x New Brighton Fire
Prefix Console Description
3105xx Ramsey Co Communications Op 1
3106xx Ramsey Co Communications Op 2
3107xx Ramsey Co Communications Op 3
3108xx Ramsey Co Communications Op 4
3109xx Ramsey Co Communications Op 5
3110xx Ramsey Co Communications Op 6
3111xx Ramsey Co Communications Op 7
3112xx Ramsey Co Communications Op 8
3113xx Ramsey Co Communications Op 9
3114xx Ramsey Co Communications Op 10
3115xx Ramsey Co Communications Op 11
3116xx Ramsey Co Communications Op 12
3117xx Ramsey Co Communications Op 13
3118xx Ramsey Co Communications Op 14
3119xx Ramsey Co Communications Op 15
3120xx Ramsey Co Communications Op 16
3121xx Ramsey Co Communications Op 17
3123xx East MRCC Op 1
3124xx East MRCC Op 2
3127xx White Bear Lake PSAP Op 1
3128xx White Bear Lake PSAP Op 2

Gold Elite Suffixes

Suffix TGID Description
xxxx05 48 MetCom
xxxx07 2336 Statewide MRCC (Only on MRCC Consoles)
xxxx09 22 A Tac 1
xxxx10 24 A Tac 2
xxxx11 26 A Tac 3
xxxx12 28 A Tac 4
xxxx13 32 P Tac 1
xxxx14 34 P Tac 2
xxxx15 36 P Tac 3
xxxx16 38 P Tac 4
xxxx21 11502 R Pool 1
xxxx22 11504 R Pool 2
xxxx23 11506 R Pool 3
xxxx24 11508 R Pool 4
xxxx25 11500 County Common
xxxx31 11516 East LE Main
xxxx32 11518 Central LE Main
xxxx33 11520 West LE Main
xxxx34 11522 West Fire Main
xxxx35 11524 East Fire Main
xxxx36 11526 North LE Data
xxxx37 504 L Tac 1
xxxx38 12458 St. Paul Fire 5
xxxx39 12460 St. Paul Fire 6
xxxx40 11536 R Pool 5
xxxx41 11538 R Pool 6
xxxx42 11540 R Pool 7
xxxx43 11542 R Pool 8
xxxx46 506 L Tac 2
xxxx47 24104 L Tac 3
xxxx48 24106 L Tac 4
xxxx57 11532 St. Paul Police Data
xxxx58 12450 St. Paul Fire 1
xxxx59 12452 St. Paul Fire 2
xxxx60 12454 St. Paul Fire 3
xxxx61 12456 St. Paul Fire 4
xxxx62 12468 St. Paul Fire 10
xxxx64 11558 St. Paul Police West Main
xxxx65 11560 St. Paul Police East Main
xxxx66 11562 St. Paul Police Central Main
xxxx67 12414 St. Paul Police 4
xxxx70 11554 VARDA
xxxx71 2306/12098 East MRCC (Only on MRCC Consoles), WBL City Common (Only on WBL Consoles)
xxxx72 12100 White Bear Lake Police 1 (Only on WBL Consoles)
xxxx73 12102 White Bear Lake Police 2 (Only on WBL Consoles)
xxxx74 12108 White Bear Lake Fire Main (Only on WBL Consoles)
xxxx75 12104 White Bear Lake Fireground 2 (Only on WBL Consoles)
xxxx79 2236 EMH Calling (Only on MRCC Consoles)
xxxx80 2238 EMH Comm 1 (Only on MRCC Consoles)
xxxx81 2240 EMH Comm 2 (Only on MRCC Consoles)
xxxx82 2280 EMH Comm 3 (Only on MRCC Consoles)
xxxx83 2282 EMH Comm 4 (Only on MRCC Consoles)
xxxx85 2188 Regions Medical Control (Only on MRCC Consoles)