Richmond / Henrico / Chesterfield Radio Zones and Equipment

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Radio Zones

Henrico County Fire/EMS Radio Zone Plan
(XTS3000 Model 2 and 3 radios):

Zone 1 - Henrico County Services
Zone 2 - Henrico County Fire Operations
Zone 3 - Henrico County Fire Special Operations
Zone 4 - Henrico County Police/Fire Tactical
Zone 5 - Countywide/Regionwide
Zone 6 - Henrico County Volunteer Rescue Squads
Zone 7 - Henrico County Sheriff/Jail
Zone 8 - Henrico County Police
         (in select radios only)
Zone 9 - Richmond Fire
Zone 10 - Chesterfield Fire

Most fire units have upgraded to the XTS-5000 type 2 series, some units have moved to XTL-2500s as well. Most battalion officers and above, as well as the investigators, on-duty battalion chiefs and EMS supervisors, all carry type 3 radios.

For PD, sergeants and above have type 3 XTS-3000 or 5000. Most road officers and investigators still carry the type 2 XTS-3000. Astros and XTL-2500s have started showing up in patrol cars.

Volunteer squads are mostly XTS-3000 type 1. The leader ship of each squad is issued a type 2. Every ambulance has at least one XTS-3000 type 1, XTVA, and an Astro. Some squad members and ALS providers are issue XTS-3000s for first responder duties. Zone A is all Henrico Fire/EMS (F/R D1-TAC13, C/W EMS, and the three squad talkarounds). Zone B contains some Henrico county-wide tacs as well as the region-wide tacs. The last few slots are the national 800mhz interop freqs. Zone C is Richmond Fire (Dispatch-Tac 4) and EMS (RAA EMS 1-4) and Chesterfield Fire/EMS (Fire Disp-Tac 8)