Rio Grande County (CO)

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Rio Grande Co. Fire/EMS

  • Center Fire Prot. Dist. -
    • Current Sta. - 360 E. 8th St. (aka E. State Route 112) between Worth St. & Warden St.,Center (WPKV318)
    • Former Sta. - 671 E. 3rd St. @ Sisneros St.,Center (Saguache Co.)
  • Del Norte Fire Prot. Dist. - 870-880 Grand Ave. (aka US-160) @ (640) Cherry St.,Del Norte (WQJC518)
  • Del Norte Community Ambulance - 570 Pine St. between Grand Ave. (aka US-160) & Sixth St.,Del Norte
  • Monte Vista Fire Prot. Dist. - 401 S. Broadway St. (aka State Route 15) @ 4th Ave.,Monte Vista (WPLU514)
  • Monte Vista Community Ambulance Service - 507 S. Broadway St. (aka State Route 15) between 4th Ave. & Lariat Rd.,Monte Vista (WQVG804)
  • South Fork Fire Prot. Dist. & Ambulance Assoc. - 28 Mall St. @ Park Dr.,South Fork (The Sta. sits at the following coordinates: 37.669358/-106.632253)

Radio Numbers:

 100's  SLV EMS Agencies - Usually heard on ARCCC 5 (8090)
  10xs  Alamosa Co EMS 
  12xs  Conejos Co EMS
  13xs  Monte Vista EMS
  14xs  Costilla Co EMS
  15xs  Del Norte EMS
  16xs  Mineral Co EMS
  18xs  Saguache Co EMS
  19xs  South Fork EMS

Law Enforcment

  • Rio Grande Sheriff's Office
  • Center Police Department (also in Saguache County)
  • Del Norte Police Department
  • Monte Vista Police Department
    • Radio Numbers 200's
  • South Fork Police Department