Roscommon County (MI)

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Roscommon County Government

Municipalities and Districts

Gerrish Township

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones

Fire Department Numbering

  • 100-Denton Fire
  • 200-Gerrish Fire EMS
  • 300-Richfield Twp Department Of Public Safety Fire and EMS Divisions
  • 400-Higgins Fire EMS
  • 500-Roscommon Fire
  • 600-Lyon Fire EMS
  • 700-Markey Fire EMS
  • 800-Lake Fire
  • 900-Nester Fire Rescue
  • 1100-Houghton Lake EMS
  • 1200-Hazmat Team (All Fire Departments contribute to Hazmat Team)
  • Please Note: The HazMat team was officially disbanded Feb. 27, 2019

Above is the Fire Department Station Number

Fire department numbering: the first digit is the station, the next two digits define the Department Chiefs, Officers and type of equipment. For Example 731 is Markey Twp Fire Department EMS Unit.

  • #01, #02 , #03 are the Department Chiefs or Officers of the Department
  • #20 thru #29 are the Fire Units (Engines, Water Tankers etc)
  • #30 thru #39 are EMS Units, typically Basic EMS
  • Advance Life Support (ALS) sometimes called Alpha

Law Enforcement Numbering

  • R-xx Sheriff Dept (R-01, R-02, R-03, etc)
  • K-xx Kirkland Community College Public Safety Department
  • 39-xx Denton Township PD
  • 14-xx or South 14-xx Park Ranger at Higgins Lake South State Park
  • 17-xx Gerrish Twp PD
  • 65-xx Richfield Twp Department Of Public Safety Police Division
  • 72-xx Michigan State Police Houghton Lake Post 72 patrols this county
  • 5-xxx DNR Conservation Officers, District 5, Northcentral

Schools and Colleges

Houghton Lake Community Schools


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