SC Department of Natural Resources (SC DNR) (SC)

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The SC Department of Natural Resources is moving to palmetto 800 in the near future from conventional vhf. The Palmetto 800 talkgroups are broken down into counties, statewide, and secure channels. The officers are identified by there region number plus there county assignment. For example an upper Chas unit is 430 or 431 so on for the number of officers in that upper Chas unit. Command and admin call numbers begin with "L" pilots are also "L" as far as the channels.All officers were issued the apx 8000 multiband radios. DNR officers have been told to start carrying these new radios and using the radios for its intended purpose. Their are a ton of unidentified DNR talkgroups. We believe the DNR talkgroup range is 27411-25430. DNR officers APX8000 portables have local LE talkgroups and statewide interoperability talkgroups programmed for interoperability/mutual aid. It also appears that all DNR dispatch talkgroups are fully encrypted while ops and statewide talkgroups are in the clear.

27407 6B0F DNR ROAM D
27411 6B13 CH 1. REGION 1 OPS 1 (Sometimes used as region wide Dispatch) (Upstate region) D
27412 6B14 Ch 2. Oconee, pickens, Anderson De
27413 6B15 Ch 3. Greenville, spartanburg, cherokee,union De
27414 6B16 Ch 4. Greenwood, laurens, edgefield, McCormick De
27415 6B17 Ch 5. REGION 2 OPS 2 (Sometimes used as region wide Dispatch) (Pee Dee region) D
27416 6B18 Ch 6. York, Chester, Clarendon, Fairfield, Lee, Kershaw De
27417 6B19 Ch 7. Chesterfield, Marlboro, Darlington De
27418 6B1A Ch 8. Florence, Dillion, Marion, Williamsburg De
27419 6B1B Ch 9. REGION 3 OPS 3 (Sometimes used as region wide Dispatch) (Midlands region) D
27420 6B1C Ch 10. Richland, Lexington, Newberry, Saluda De
27421 6B1D Ch 11. Aiken, Barnwell, Bamberg, Allendale De
27422 6B1E Ch 12. Sumter, Calhoun, Orangeburg De
27423 6B1F Ch 13. REGION 4 OPS 4 (Sometimes used as region wide Dispatch) (Coastal region) D
27424 6B20 Ch 14. Horry and Georgetown De
27425 6B21 Ch 15. Upper Charleston, Berkeley De
27426 6B22 Ch 16. Lower Charleston, Dorchester, Colleton De
27427 6B23 Ch 17. Beaufort, Jasper, Hampton De
27428 6B24 Ch 18. DNR STATEWIDE (Also used for inter-op with other agencies) D
27429 6B25 Ch 19. DNR SECURE DE