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Electric Utilities

More than 25 different organizations provide electrical service to areas of SC. There are three large electric companies that generate, transmit and distribute electricity to individuals and businesses. There are 20 or so electric co-ops that primarily just distribute electricity.

This is a link to a Word document that includes a service map for all electric utilities in SC: SC Electric Utilites(scroll to the last page).

To determine a radio system used by an electric utility, search for FCC licenses or look at antennas on company service vehicles. A 10" "pig tail" antenna would indicate a trunked system may be in use.

Electric Companies

  • Santee Cooper (aka SC PSA) - operates a 900MHz Smartzone system.
    • SC Public Service Authority TRS
    • Help is needed to identify additional radio sites and talkgroups. Some electric Co-ops are likely using this system.
    • Santee Cooper operates multiple generation stations in SC, most in the lower Pee Dee and Charleston areas, with one in the Upstate and one in the Midlands.
  • Progress Energy - Operates a 900MHz Smartzone radio system in SC and NC.
    • Progress Energy TRS
    • Progress Energy TRS
    • Help is needed to confirm System IDs, Zone numbers and site locations so that these systems can be merged into a single database entry.
    • Progress Energy operates several generation stations in the Darlington area of SC.

Electric Co-ops

  • Aiken - SC PSA/Santee Cooper System
  • Berkeley
  • Black River - SC PSA/Santee Cooper System
  • Blue Ridge
  • Broad River - UHF
  • Coastal
  • Edisto
  • Fairfield
  • Haywood
  • Horry - SC PSA/Santee Cooper System
  • Laurens - Palmetto 800
  • Little River
  • Lynches
  • Marlboro
  • Mid-Carolina - UHF
  • Newberry
  • Palmetto - SC PSA/Santee Cooper System
  • Pee Dee - SC PSA/Santee Cooper System
  • Santee - SC PSA/Santee Cooper System
  • Tri-County
  • York - UHF

Telephone Utilities

Just about any telecomm company can now resell local and long distance service to just about any customer anywhere. However, the companies that own the "local loop" infrastructure are called Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers, or ILECs. These companies have service vehicles and crews that maintain their infrastructure. Most probably use mobile phones for communication. Some may still use LMR radio systems.
This is a list of ILECs in SC: SC ILECS
The largest of these by far is AT&T.


  • AT&T (formerly BellSouth) - their 2 900MHz Smartzone systems appear to be off the air and their liceses converted to FCI 900, Inc. Most likely using mobile devices, not LMR.
  • Chesnee Telephone (Spartanburg)- UHF
  • Hargray Telephone
  • Farmers Telephone Cooperative

Water Utilities

This is a list of members of a trade group for water systems in SC. This probably includes all major and most small water systems.
Water System List

  • Spartanburg Water - Nextel
  • SJWD (West Spartanburg) - VHF
  • Greenville Water - UHF LTR
  • Cassett

Other Utilities

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