SSE5000 (NYPD)

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Motorola SSE5000 front
Motorola SSE5000 top view

The Motorola SSE5000 is a custom (SP) product that was manufactured specifically for the New York Police Department. It is available only in a high-split UHF (450-482MHz) model. This split is similar to the legacy Saber line rather than the 450-520MHz split usually seen in the Astro25 line. It is essentially an XTS5000 built into an Astro Saber case. It is a very unique radio in that it has a top display, which is unique from the Saber lineup which only offers a front display on its models.

This radio is can be programmed with up to 96 channels. The six zones are accessed using a combination of the 3 position toggle switch and the top side button.

The radio uses the Astro 25 line of CPS for programming which is the same software the XTS5000 and XTS2500 series radios use. To date, nobody has successfully been able to modify these radios for anything other than the original band-split, or at least aren't talking about it if they've been able to. Additionally, this radio is not capable of being programmed out of band using software modification as other Astro 25 radios can be.

The radio seems to use all the same accessories as the Saber line. Due to the MX antenna connector type Astro Saber antennas and speaker mics are incompatible. The radio uses the same four programming lines as the regular Astro25 series (CTS, RTS, 232-, 232+). A cable can be built by modifying an Astro25 serial cable by retrofitting it with a saber style end.

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