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Salem Fire-EMS Department

The Salem Fire-EMS Department provides fire and EMS services to the citizens and visitors of the City of Salem, Virginia and is an all career fire and EMS department. The department is responsible for providing fire and EMS coverage to an area of 15 square miles and to a population of approximately 25,000 people. Salem Fire-EMS operates out of three fire stations, one volunteer rescue squad and a main administrative office. The department staffs three engines, one tower ladder, and three ALS staffed ambulances full time, along with one battalion chief and one EMS captain on duty 24/7. The Salem Volunteer Rescue Squad also provides additional EMS coverage for the city on a part-time and on an as needed basis. The Salem Fire Department was founded in 1854.

Stations and Apparatus

Station 1 - Headquarters - South Market Street

  • Engine 1
  • Tower 1
  • Medic 801
  • Command 1
  • Fire Medic 1
  • HazMat 1
  • Engine 4 (Reserve)
  • Engine 5 (Reserve)
  • Medic 804 (Reserve)
  • Medic 805 (Reserve)

Station 2 - Electric Road

  • Engine 2
  • Medic 802
  • Tech Rescue 2
  • Technical Rescue Trailer
  • Swift Water Rescue Trailer
  • Swift Water Rescue Boat

Station 3 - Eddy Avenue

  • Engine 3
  • Medic 803
  • Utility 3
  • HazMat Trailer

Salem Rescue Squad (Salem Rescue One) - South Broad Street

Salem Rescue Squad or Salem Rescue 1, is an all volunteer rescue squad that operates within the City of Salem and falls under the jurisdiction of the Salem Fire-EMS Department. The rescue squad is staffed on a part-time basis by volunteers on week nights, weekends, holidays and during special events. The Salem Volunteer Rescue Squad was the second rescue squad ever founded in the United States, second only to Roanoke EMS, which is located nearby in Roanoke City. Salem Rescue Squad was founded in 1932.

  • Medic 153
  • Medic 154
  • Medic 155
  • Medic 156
  • Squad 1
  • Car 151
  • Car 152
  • EMS 1 (Chief's Car)
  • Special Event EMS Standby Trailer
  • Tactical Rescue Trailer

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