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San Bernardino County (CA)


Radio Systems

Several conventional 800 MHz repeaters carry both Sheriff and Fire talkgroups. These are for filling trunked system coverage gaps in the deep desert area.

Systems 01 Through 10 Sites

Note that there are 800 MHz sites besides those listed below used as "fill-in" sites. They may be in conventional operation or Smartnet trunked systems other than Systems 01 through 10.

Site Name System(s)
Aerojet 06/07, 09
Bertha Peak 08
Canon Lane 06/07
Donnell Hill 04
Flash II Mountain 01, 02
Heaps Peak 08
Homestead Water Tank 04
Jurupa Hill 06/07
Keller Peak 08
Little Mountain 06, 10
Onyx Peak 08
Paxton Hill 04
Quartzite Mountain 01
Rodman Mountain 01, 04
San Sevaine Peak 08
Skyland 08
Spirit Mountain 05
Strawberry Peak 08
Sunset 06/07

800 MHz Conventional Fill-In Sites

The following table is a partial list of the 800 MHz fill-in site names, locations and frequencies used. Note that D-Law, D-Fire and D-Govt sites ending with a number are pre-rebanding, while the LAW-, FIR- and GOV- sites ending with a letter are post re-banding.

Site Name Site Description Channels Used Channels Replaced Notes
Goffs Butte Near Essex, CA LAW-B, FIR-B, GOV-B
Crossman Peak Near Lake Havasu LAW-C, FIR-C, GOV-C
Black Mountain Near Parker, AZ LAW-D, FIR-D, GOV-D
Brown Butte Near I-40 and Kelbaker Rd LAW-E, FIR-E, GOV-E D-LAW-5, D-FIRE-5, D-GOVT-5 FIR-E patched to 4-FIRE-1
Slate Peak Above Trona, CA LAW-A, FIR-A, GOV-A D-LAW-1, D-FIRE-1, D-GOVT-1
Government Peak Near Red Mountain, CA LAW-C, FIR-C, GOV-C D-LAW-3, D-FIRE-3, D-GOVT-3
El Paso Peak South of Ridgecrest, CA LAW-D, FIR-D, GOV-D D-LAW-4, D-FIRE-4, D-GOVT-4
Afton Canyon Afton, CA FIR-A D-FIRE-1
Mountain Pass Mountain Pass, CA FIR-D D-FIRE-4
Frost Peak Near Wrightwood, CA LAW-B, FIR-B, GOV-B D-LAW-2, D-FIRE-2, D-GOVT-2
Turquoise Pk Near Baker, CA LAW-C, FIR-C, GOV-C D-LAW-3, D-FIRE-3, D-GOVT-3


Fire Dept. Locations

Countywide Fire Station Numbering

#Name/AreaAgencyICS CodeContract/Volunteer AgencyDiv.Dispatch Provider
1San Bernardino (RSTC)San Bernardino County FPDBDC 11CommCenter
2DevoreSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 1CommCenter
4Silver Lakes / HelendaleSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 3CommCenter
7Lucerne Valley (Inactive)San Bernardino County FPDBDC 2CommCenter
8Lucerne ValleySan Bernardino County FPDBDC 2CommCenter
9MentoneSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 6CommCenter
10PhelanSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 2CommCenter
11El Mirage (Inactive)San Bernardino County FPDBDC 2CommCenter
12San Antonio HeightsSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 1CommCenter
13Pinon HillsSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 2CommCenter
14WrightwoodSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 2CommCenter
16Baldy MesaSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 2CommCenter
17Big RiverSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 5CommCenter
18Havasu LandingSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 5CommCenter
19Homestead Valley / LandersSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 5CommCenter
20Lytle CreekSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 1CommCenter
21Parker Strip (Inactive)San Bernardino County FPDBDC 5CommCenter
22Spring Valley LakeSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 3CommCenter
23Grand TerraceSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 1CommCenter
24Cedar Pines ParkSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 4CommCenter
25CrestlineSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 4CommCenter
26Twin PeaksSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 4CommCenter
27Blue JaySan Bernardino County FPDBDC 4CommCenter
28Valley of EnchantmentSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 4CommCenter
29Lake GregorySan Bernardino County FPDBDC 4CommCenter
30Rim ForestSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 4CommCenter
31NeedlesNeedles FDBDCSan Bernardino Co FPD5CommCenter
32Needles (Future)Needles FDBDCSan Bernardino Co FPD5CommCenter
34Park Moabi (Inactive)San Bernardino County FPDBDC 5CommCenter
35Panorama Heights (Inactive)San Bernardino County FPDBDC 5CommCenter
36Joshua TreeSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 5CommCenter
37Mountain View Acres (Inactive)San Bernardino County FPDBDC 3CommCenter
38Pioneer TownSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 5CommCenter
40Oak HillsSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 2CommCenter
41Yucca ValleySan Bernardino County FPDBDC 5CommCenter
42Yucca ValleySan Bernardino County FPDBDC 5CommCenter
43JohnsonSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 5CommCenter
44Twentynine PalmsSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 5CommCenter
45Wonder ValleySan Bernardino County FPDBDC 5CommCenter
47Wonder Valley (Inactive)San Bernardino County FPDBDC 5CommCenter
48Summit ValleySan Bernardino County FPDBDC 2CommCenter
50Running SpringsRunning Springs Water District FDRSP  CommCenter
51Running SpringsRunning Springs Water District FDRSP  CommCenter
52HarvardSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 3CommCenter
53BakerSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 3CommCenter
54Red Mountain (Inactive)San Bernardino County FPDBDCKern County FD Kern County ECC
55Black Meadow LandingSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 5CommCenter
56HinkleySan Bernardino County FPDBDC 3CommCenter
57TronaSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 3CommCenter
59BakerBaker Community Service DistBAKBaker CSD VFD CommCenter
61ChinoChino Valley Independent FPDCHO  City of Ontario
62ChinoChino Valley Independent FPDCHO  City of Ontario
63ChinoChino Valley Independent FPDCHO  City of Ontario
64Carbon CanyonChino Valley Independent FPDCHO  City of Ontario
65ChinoChino Valley Independent FPDCHO  City of Ontario
66Chino HillsChino Valley Independent FPDCHO  City of Ontario
67ChinoChino Valley Independent FPDCHO  City of Ontario
71FontanaFontana FPDBDCSan Bernardino Co FPD1CommCenter
72FontanaFontana FPDBDCSan Bernardino Co FPD1CommCenter
73FontanaFontana FPDBDCSan Bernardino Co FPD1CommCenter
74FontanaFontana FPDBDCSan Bernardino Co FPD1CommCenter
75MuscoySan Bernardino County FPDBDC 1CommCenter
76BloomingtonSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 1CommCenter
77FontanaFontana FPDBDCSan Bernardino Co FPD1CommCenter
78FontanaFontana FPDBDCSan Bernardino Co FPD1CommCenter
79FontanaFontana FPDBDCSan Bernardino Co FPD1CommCenter
80Fontana (Future)Fontana FPDBDCSan Bernardino Co FPD1CommCenter
81Devore (Future)San Bernardino County FPDBDC 1CommCenter
91Lake ArrowheadSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 4CommCenter
92Lake ArrowheadSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 4CommCenter
93Lake Arrowhead (Inactive)San Bernardino County FPDBDC 4CommCenter
94Lake ArrowheadSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 4CommCenter
95Green Valley LakeSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 4CommCenter
96FawnskinSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 4CommCenter
97Baldwin Lake (now #284)Big Bear Fire AuthorityBLFBaldwin Lake VFD CommCenter
98Angelus OaksSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 4CommCenter
99Forest FallsSan Bernardino County FPDBDC 4CommCenter
131OntarioOntario FDOTO  City of Ontario
132OntarioOntario FDOTO  City of Ontario
133OntarioOntario FDOTO  City of Ontario
134OntarioOntario FDOTO  City of Ontario
135OntarioOntario FDOTO  City of Ontario
136OntarioOntario FDOTO  City of Ontario
137OntarioOntario FDOTO  City of Ontario
138OntarioOntario FDOTO  City of Ontario
151MontclairMontclair FDMTC  CommCenter
152MontclairMontclair FDMTC  CommCenter
161UplandUpland FDUPL  CommCenter
162UplandUpland FDUPL  CommCenter
163UplandUpland FDUPL  CommCenter
164UplandUpland FDUPL  CommCenter
165UplandUpland FDUPL  CommCenter
171Rancho CucamongaRancho Cucamonga FPDRCF  CommCenter
172Rancho CucamongaRancho Cucamonga FPDRCF  CommCenter
173Rancho CucamongaRancho Cucamonga FPDRCF  CommCenter
174Rancho CucamongaRancho Cucamonga FPDRCF  CommCenter
175Rancho CucamongaRancho Cucamonga FPDRCF  CommCenter
176Rancho CucamongaRancho Cucamonga FPDRCF  CommCenter
177Rancho CucamongaRancho Cucamonga FPDRCF  CommCenter
200Mount BaldySan Bernardino County FPDBDYMount Baldy VFD1CommCenter
201RialtoRialto FDRIA  CommCenter
202RialtoRialto FDRIA  CommCenter
203RialtoRialto FDRIA  CommCenter
204RialtoRialto FDRIA  CommCenter
211ColtonColton FDCOL  CommCenter
212ColtonColton FDCOL  CommCenter
213ColtonColton FDCOL  CommCenter
214ColtonColton FDCOL  CommCenter
221San BernardinoSan Bernardino Co FPDBDC 6CommCenter
222San BernardinoSan Bernardino Co FPDBDC 6CommCenter
223San Bernardino (inactive)San Bernardino Co FPDBDC 6CommCenter
224San BernardinoSan Bernardino Co FPDBDC 6CommCenter
225San BernardinoSan Bernardino Co FPDBDC 6CommCenter
226San BernardinoSan Bernardino Co FPDBDC 6CommCenter
227San BernardinoSan Bernardino Co FPDBDC 6CommCenter
228San BernardinoSan Bernardino Co FPDBDC 6CommCenter
229San BernardinoSan Bernardino Co FPDBDC 6CommCenter
230San Bernardino (inactive)San Bernardino Co FPDBDC 6CommCenter
231San BernardinoSan Bernardino Co FPDBDC 6CommCenter
232San BernardinoSan Bernardino Co FPDBDC 6CommCenter
233San BernardinoSan Bernardino Co FPDBDC 6CommCenter
241San ManuelSan Manuel Fire DepartmentSMI  CommCenter
251Loma LindaLoma Linda FDLOM  CommCenter
261RedlandsRedlands FDRED  CommCenter
262RedlandsRedlands FDRED  CommCenter
263RedlandsRedlands FDRED  CommCenter
264RedlandsRedlands FDRED  CommCenter
271ArrowbearArrowbear Park County Water District FDABL  CAL FIRE
281Big Bear LakeBig Bear Fire AuthorityBFA  CommCenter
282Big Bear CityBig Bear Fire AuthorityBFA  CommCenter
283SugarloafBig Bear Fire AuthorityBFA  CommCenter
284Baldwin LakeBig Bear Fire AuthorityBFAshared with CAL FIRE CommCenter
301HesperiaHesperia FPDBDCSan Bernardino Co FPD2CommCenter
302HesperiaHesperia FPDBDCSan Bernardino Co FPD2CommCenter
303Hesperia (inactive)Hesperia FPDBDCSan Bernardino Co FPD2CommCenter
304HesperiaHesperia FPDBDCSan Bernardino Co FPD2CommCenter
305HesperiaHesperia FPDBDCSan Bernardino Co FPD2CommCenter
311VictorvilleVictorville FDBDCSan Bernardino Co FPD3CommCenter
312VictorvilleVictorville FDBDCSan Bernardino Co FPD3CommCenter
313VictorvilleVictorville FDBDCSan Bernardino Co FPD3CommCenter
314VictorvilleVictorville FDBDCSan Bernardino Co FPD3CommCenter
315VictorvilleVictorville FDBDCSan Bernardino Co FPD3CommCenter
319VictorvilleVictorville FDBDCSan Bernardino Co FPD3CommCenter
321Adelanto (Inactive)Adelanto FDBDCSan Bernardino Co FPD2CommCenter
322AdelantoAdelanto FDBDCSan Bernardino Co FPD2CommCenter
331Apple ValleyApple Valley FPDAPP  CommCenter
332Apple ValleyApple Valley FPDAPP  CommCenter
333Apple Valley (inactive)Apple Valley FPDAPP  CommCenter
334Apple ValleyApple Valley FPDAPP  CommCenter
335Apple ValleyApple Valley FPDAPP  CommCenter
336Apple ValleyApple Valley FPDAPP  CommCenter
337Apple ValleyApple Valley FPDAPP  CommCenter
338Apple Valley (Future)Apple Valley FPDAPP  CommCenter
361BarstowBarstow FPDBAR  Barstow PD
362Barstow (inactive)Barstow FPDBAR  Barstow PD
363BarstowBarstow FPDBAR  Barstow PD
371DaggettDaggett CSD VFDDAG  CAL FIRE
372DaggettDaggett CSD VFDDAG  CAL FIRE
373DaggettDaggett CSD VFDDAG  CAL FIRE
391NewberryNewberry CSD VFDNBY  CAL FIRE
392NewberryNewberry CSD VFDNBY  CAL FIRE
401MCLB BarstowMCLB Barstow FireMCB  MCLB Barstow Fire
402MCLB Yermo AnnexMCLB Barstow FireMCB  MCLB Barstow Fire
411Fort Irwin SouthFort Irwin FDIRW  Fort Irwin FD
412Fort Irwin NorthFort Irwin FDIRW  Fort Irwin FD
413Barstow-Daggett AirportFort Irwin FDIRW  Fort Irwin FD
421Twentynine Palms (renumbered to 44)San Bernardino County FDBDC  CommCenter
422Twentynine Palms (inactive)San Bernardino County FDBDC  CommCenter
451MCAGCC Twentynine PalmsMCAGCC Twentynine Palms FireMCT  MCAGCC Twentynine Palms Fire
452MCAGCC Twentynine PalmsMCAGCC Twentynine Palms FireMCT  MCAGCC Twentynine Palms Fire
461Morongo Valley WestMorongo Valley CSD FDMGO  CAL FIRE
462Morongo Valley EastMorongo Valley CSD FDMGO  CAL FIRE
541HighlandHighland FDHIGCAL FIRE BDU Highland CAL FIRE
542HighlandHighland FDHIGCAL FIRE BDU Highland CAL FIRE
543HighlandHighland FDHIGCAL FIRE BDU Highland CAL FIRE
551YucaipaYucaipa FDYUCCAL FIRE BDU Yucaipa CAL FIRE
552YucaipaYucaipa FDYUCCAL FIRE BDU Yucaipa CAL FIRE
553YucaipaYucaipa FDYUCCAL FIRE BDU Yucaipa CAL FIRE
555Oak GlenSan Bernardino County FPDBDCCAL FIRE BDU Yucaipa4CAL FIRE

Div. = Division

FD = Fire Department

FPD = Fire Protection District

CSD = Community Services District

VFD = Volunteer Fire Department

San Bernardino County Fire

Fire VHF system: Five repeater pairs have been placed in service countywide at multiple locations (see freq list). The "BDC V1 through BDC V5" sites are normally kept patched into the geographic area's 800mhz system, but the transmitter location can be changed on a per incident basis to give mutual aid resources access to working 800mhz talkgroups. The "BDC" VHF tac channels are used on mutual aid incidents where assisting agencies might not have 800mhz radios. Those resources can respond with Comm Center via the VHF repeaters, then switch to a common VHF tactical when on scene.

Baldwin Lake Volunteer Fire Department (now part of Big Bear Fire Auth.)

Unit Designators (no longer "97" series)

  • Engine 97 (E-97)
  • Engine 97A (E-97A)
  • Water Tender 97 (WT-97)
  • Patrol 97 (P-97)

Law Enforcement

San Bernardino County Sheriff

Sheriff Unit Designators

Unit designators consist of three fields [01]-[A]-[23]. The first field is the division or patrol area as follows:

Bureau/Division Station Area [01]
PatrolCentralCentral County 1
PatrolCentralGrand Terrace Contract City 12
PatrolCentralLoma Linda Contract City 15
PatrolWest FoothillWest Foothill County 3
PatrolYucaipaYucaipa County 4
PatrolYucaipaYucaipa Contract City 14
PatrolTwin PeaksTwin Peaks County 5
PatrolBig BearBig Bear County 6
PatrolBig BearBig Bear Lake Contract City 16
PatrolVictor ValleyVictor Valley County 7
PatrolVictor ValleyAdelanto Contract City 24
PatrolVictor ValleyPhelan Substation 26
PatrolVictor ValleyLucerne Valley Substation 27
PatrolBarstowBarstow County (incl. Baker) 8
PatrolBarstowTrona Substation 29
PatrolMorongo BasinMorongo Basin County 9
PatrolMorongo BasinTwentynine Palms Contract City 20
PatrolMorongo BasinYucca Valley Contract Town 23
PatrolColorado RiverColorado River County 10
PatrolColorado RiverNeedles Contract City 21
PatrolColorado RiverParker Dam Substation 28
PatrolRancho CucamongaRancho Cucamonga Contract City 11
PatrolHighlandHighland Contract City 13
PatrolVictorvilleVictorville Contract City 17
PatrolApple ValleyApple Valley Contract City 18
PatrolHesperiaHesperia Contract City 19
PatrolChino HillsChino Hills Contract City 22
Detention/Corrections Central Detention Center 30
Detention/Corrections Transportation Detail 31
Detention/Corrections Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center 32
Detention/Corrections West Valley Detention Center 34
Aviation   40
Court Services Civil Division 45
Court Services Court Security Contract 89
Specialized Investigations   60
Specialized Enforcement   61
Narcotics   62
Coroner   70

The second field is the deputy descriptor or assignment. Certain descriptors are only used with specific divisions (e.g., "King" is only used with Aviation, thus 40-K). Each patrol station (not area) usually has one Captain and Lieutenant, and their designators do not have a third field (e.g., 6-C, not 6-C-1). Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants from stations in the patrol division that share multiple patrol areas normally take the county area designator as the first field of their unit designator (e.g., 6-S-5, not 16-S-5). "Xray" units may be motorcycle or regular patrol car units. The following table lists the descriptor or assignment.

[A] Descriptor/Assignment Field [01] Usage
A (Adam) Civilian station / field unit  
B (Baker) Reserve deputy  
C (Charlie) Captain  
D (David) Detective  
G (George) Gang enforcement deputy 61, some patrol division use
H (Henry) Homicide detective 60
I (Ida) Investigator 70
J (John) Station jail deputy  
K (King) Aircraft unit 40
L (Lincoln) Lieutenant  
Marine Boat patrol  
MET Multiple Enforcement Team deputy  
N (Nora) Narcotics enforcement deputy/officer 62
P (Paul) Beat patrol deputy / school resource officer  
R (Robert) Roving patrol deputy  
Rescue Search and rescue volunteer  
S (Sam) Sergeant  
V (Victor) Citizen Volunteer Patrol unit  
W (William) Special detail deputy  
X (Xray) Traffic deputy  
Z (Zebra) SWAT deputy 61, some patrol division use

The third field contains up to two digits. For "Paul" units, this field may be divided into two subfields, [2] and [3]. When [2] is a number from 1-4, [3] signifies the patrol beat number. The following table lists values for the subfield [2].

[2] Description
0 Resident post patrol deputy
1 Night shift
2 Days shift
3 Swing (afternoon) shift
4 Cover shift
5 School resource officer
6 Watch commander who is not a sergeant
7 Outside agency


4-P-05 ("Four-Paul-Five") is a Yucaipa County resident post deputy for the Forest Falls, Angelus Oaks, and Barton Flats areas.

8-P-08 ("Eight-Paul-Eight") is a Baker resident post deputy.

1-P-22 ("One-Paul-Twenty-Two") is a Central beat patrol unit working Beat 2 for the days shift.

70-I-7 ("Seventy-Ida-Seven") is a Coroner's Investigator.

Outside Agency Unit Designators

The following table lists some outside agency designators.

[01] Agency
25 Big Bear Municipal Water District Lake Patrol
92 San Bernardino County Probation
95 San Bernardino Community College District Police
98 San Bernardino County District Attorney's Investigators

Redlands Police Department

Police Department Unit Designators

Unit designators consist of two fields [A]-[01]. The first field is assigned per the following table. The second field contains up to two digits that are specific to each officer. For example, C-17 is a police corporal. Each sworn officer typically retains the same unit designator until the next round of promotions.

[A] Description
A (Adam) Administration
Air Air support unit
B (Baker) School resource officer
C (Charlie) Corporal
D (David) Detective
E (Edward) Police explorer cadet
F (Frank) Forensics reserve officer
G (George) Multiple Enforcement Team (MET) (e.g., gang enforcement)
H (Henry) Animal control officer
I (Ida) Identification technician, community service officer (civilian)
L (Lincoln) Lieutenant
Motor Motorcycle traffic officer
P (Paul) Patrol officer
R (Robert) Reserve officer
S (Sam) Sergeant
T (Tom) Traffic officer
V (Victor) Parking control officer (civilian)
W (William) Custody specialist (jail transport, civilian)
X (Xray) Citizen volunteer patrol officer
Z (Zebra) Citizen volunteer park ranger

Other Agency Unit Designators

Campus Redlands Unified School District Security Officer
Krikorian Krikorian Theatres Security (340 N. Eureka Street)
Mall Security Redlands Mall Security (100 Redlands Mall)
Target Target Loss Prevention (27320 W. Lugonia Avenue)
U (Union) University of Redlands Public Safety Officer

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Exclusive Operating Areas


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